to Millville's Mike Trout

Kudos to Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout, a Millville High School graduate. announced on Oct. 16 that Trout was named its Rookie of the Year and Major League Player of the Year. This is the first time that the same person has been named to these two prestigious awards in the same year.

Trout was named the rookie of the month for May, June, July and August. He also became the first player in major league history to hit 30 home runs, steal 45 bases and score 125 runs in a season. The Most Valuable Player of the year award will be announced on Nov. 15. Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers (the Triple Crown winner) and Trout seem to be the top two candidates. Good luck to a very special South Jersey native, Mike Trout.



Crowley used her role

to help Obama on Libya

In the second presidential debate, the moderator, CNN's Candy Crowley, apparently felt it her duty to come to President Barack Obama's rescue.

Obama stated incorrectly that he had immediately labeled the Libyan consulate attack, which killed an ambassador and two former SEALs, an act of terrorism. Mitt Romney knew this was not true, as Obama and his team had continually suggested the attack was a reaction to a little-known anti-Muslim YouTube video. As Romney began to attack the president's assertion as inaccurate, Crowley shut him down by saying that Obama was right in his assertion and moved on to another topic.

Not only was she inaccurate in reporting what the president actually said in his speech after the bloody incident, she was also outside her purview as debate moderator.

The Presidential Debate Commission had told her that her job was to read the questions, not interject her views or ask her own questions. She was also not to follow up voter questions or put her own interpretation on the question by "clarifying" it. This was to be a true townhall debate with no one getting between the voters and the candidates. But as usual, the unabashedly liberal mainstream media could not help themselves as they tried once again to pump up their candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.


Mays Landing

Security is lax

at City Hall in A.C.

On Oct. 16, a friend and I entered City Hall in Atlantic City to visit the Tax Office. We signed in, placed our handbags on the table and walked through the metal detector. It beeped for me, so I retreated and looked at the woman at the table. She was engrossed in a friendly conversation with a man and didn't look up.

I removed my jacket and walked through again to another beep. The woman at the table continued laughing, and even though she was sitting right next to the metal detector, she never even glanced at me. I walked back and forth five times, making the machine beep each time. Ignored, I finally took my handbag and went on my way. The City Hall employee never looked into either of our handbags or asked to see what was in my pockets.

In this age of terrorist attacks and disgruntled employees gunning down innocent people, would it be too much to ask for government employees to take their jobs seriously and keep us safe?


Winslow Township

Curcio paid for DWIs

- leave him alone

Regarding the Oct. 12 letter, "GOP should demand that Curcio resign," about Atlantic County Surrogate Jim Curcio's second drunken-driving offense: What does Curcio's job have to do with his personal life?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the judicial system make it almost impossible for anyone with a DWI to get a fair trial. Curcio lost his license and paid his fines and (extortion) fees to the state. What should we do to him now? Stone him to death like they do in Iran?



Remove LED billboard

from Margate Causeway

There really should not be a dispute over the huge LED sign on the scenic Margate Bridge Causeway. It was clearly a mistake and more like something you would see on the Atlantic City Expressway, or near the Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin bridges. It should be moved to a place like that to have more effect.

All it does on the causeway is compete with the moonlight and the sunrise. The sign also poses a dangerous distraction due to its brightness and location so close to the approach and elevation of the bridge.

The political clout of the sign's owner, Jersey Outdoor Media, was able to get the Department of Environmental Protection involved in investigating Richard Levitt's Northfield property bordering on the wetlands in a failed attempt to intimidate him. Levitt has filed a lawsuit calling for the sign's removal.

This sign to me is like putting a 1,000 watt bulb in a small closet. Who needs it?



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