Libertarian candidate favors smaller government, tax load

To pass a massive billion dollar gas tax late on a Friday is cowardly, ill conceived and a slap in the face to the hard working men and women in the state.

While the Transportation Trust Fund may be broke, it is not for the fact it isn’t being funded; it is well-funded. New Jersey spends $2 million per mile of road, the most in America and more than twice as much as the next state; the problem is not funding, it is spending.

Taxes in the state are already too high and include all of the major taxes ever dreamed up — a state income tax, sales tax, property taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes and now a gas tax that puts the Garden State at the top of the list for tax burden.

Additionally, we have $170 billion in debt, which works out to $55,000 per taxpayer and that grows as more and more people leave the state.

This is unlimited government run amok. The only future is to reject the corruption, hypocrisy and big government of both major political parties. It is time to empower the people, not the politicians.

As the Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in the Second District, I will not burden New Jersey taxpayers with additional demands from Washington. I will work to free the individual from taxes that are choking our liberty, freedom and economic growth.

John Ordille

Libertarian Party candidate for Congress, 2nd District


EHT Democrats oppose Trump

The Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club unanimously condemns the latest outrage of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. All decent people should know that sexual assault is no laughing matter. And the revelation of the Republican candidate’s disgusting remarks about women is only the latest in an unceasing string of insults, slurs and lies about veterans, women, Muslims, Hispanics, people with disabilities, and anyone else exercising their First Amendment right to criticize Trump.

Despite months of an incessant and unprecedented Republican campaign against civility and respect, the United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township still endorses, supports and is working to make Trump president.

The present political situation is intolerable. It’s time to restore respect and encourage honorable political debate. We call on Republican township candidate Joe Cafero, Republican Mayor Sonny McCullough and the United Republican Club of Egg Harbor Township to unambiguously condemn the revolting language and actions of Trump, to cease and renounce any and all support for Trump’s presidential candidacy, and pledge to take no actions supporting a campaign of vitriol, violence, contempt and abuse.

Daniel T. Campbell

Egg Harbor Township

President, Egg Harbor Township Democratic Club

Cumberland County freeholder touts record on taxes, spending

I am proud of my six-year record as a Cumberland County freeholder. During that time I didn’t vote for a tax increase. In the last three years I was outvoted by the Democratic majority, which raised the levy to the maximum allowed by the state each year. I feel as do many that the alternative to higher taxes is more efficient government.

Finally, the commercial. Some of what is said is such a stretch that I am not sure what they are talking about. (Who are my “cronies” and how does someone in the minority for five out of six years get the money?)

The other part where they say I cost jobs to the county is bizarre. In 2012, we were voting on the contract to renovate the Vine Street school for the prosecutor’s office and the Democrats wanted to allow only union builders to make bids if the unions would agree not to strike during renovations. Any bidder on a county job must pay union-level wages anyway.

We voted against the labor agreement. The winning bid was $1 million less than the original estimate; that is the taxpayers’ money. Ironically, the job went to a union contractor but all had an equal chance to bid, no discrimination.

We should talk about the positive things we have done and will do in the future, not sling mud that has little or no basis in truth.

Tom Sheppard


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