Nation doesn't need,

can't afford Obamacare

It will take years before the general public understands everything that's in Obamacare, but it will only take 15 months before all of the following is clear:

Effective this January, flexible spending accounts, which are used for paying medical expenses with pre-tax dollars, will be capped at $2,500 per year, and the threshold for claiming medical expenses on tax returns increases to 10 percent from 7.5 percent.

These taxes hurt the middle class and the very sick, not the evil 1 percent. Additionally all of us will pay a 2.3 percent tax on the sale of virtually every medical device.

The Congressional Budget Office recently announced that more than 6 million citizens will suffer the annual $1,200 tax penalty for not purchasing health insurance, and the large majority of payers will be middle class.

The CBO also projected the law's cost at $2.6 trillion, three times the original bank-breaking $900 billion. The law also cuts roughly $716 billion from Medicare to fund the expense of the bureaucracy required to administer Obamacare.

New taxes on employers not meeting the government's design and contribution standards will force virtually all employers to change their plans and contribution schemes, and most changes will not be an improvement.

We should repeal this poorly crafted law and focus on educating more doctors and nurses, manufacturing more medical devices and drugs, and protecting our care suppliers from frivolous lawsuits, which will actually help make health care more affordable.



Don't blame Obama

for everything wrong

I'm tired of hearing "What has the president done in the last four years?" This man inherited a big mess from George W. Bush. Do the American people really think President Barack Obama can fix it all in four years?

I think if the president didn't do something about the unemployment and everything else that's going on, the crime rate would have skyrocketed.

How can Mitt Romney know what the poor or middle class is going through if he has never been poor or middle class? It's clear he doesn't care. Just look at his statement: "My job is not to worry about those people." That tells you right there he's not for anyone except people who earn more than $250,000.

I really appreciate what the president is trying to do with health care and that some of my prescriptions are now free. More people need to really pay attention to what's going on.

On the loss of jobs, the clothes designers and the rich and famous need to take some responsibility as well. They make and buy the clothes and other things that say "Made in China." I'm just so frustrated. We all need to take the blame and not just put this on the president.


Egg Harbor Township

I'm a Democrat -

but I'm voting for GOP

If our formerly great nation ever needed a change in leadership, it is now - with our national debt being far greater and our ability to pay it being far less than ever before, as well as our international influence being at a low ebb.

It is a time to be extremely careful of our decisions, as the wrong decisions will lead us further down the path to perdition.

Barack Obama was elected president on the basis of his glorious promises. Promises are easy to make. Facts speak for themselves. And the facts tell us that the promises of 2008 were not only not realized, but that we are indeed in a more terrible position than we could have imagined. To expect the same Obama and his advisors to now fulfill the same promises, and some new ones as well, would be foolish.

Obama will again address our debt of more than $16 trillion by demanding a higher debt ceiling and having taxpayers owing further trillions, plus interest. He has made every possible mistake in the Middle East and leaves us open not only to attacks on our embassies, but to terrorists armed with nuclear, chemical and biologic weapons.

Although I am registered as a Democrat, I will put country before party and vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and for Republican candidates for Congress. I hope readers will do the same for the sake of our beloved country.


Atlantic City

DOT doing great job

on bridge amenities

Occasionally, government does something right. When that happens we should take note.

Fifteen years ago, when the state Department of Transportation was planning the new Route 52 causeway into Ocean City with help from the community, it recognized a tremendous opportunity to embellish what would otherwise be just a roadway with amenities that included a separate pedestrian/bikeway, fishing piers, boat-launching areas, a nature walk and a visitors center. That foresight has resulted in the only major bridge complex in New Jersey that has become a tourist destination.

Recently, the DOT announced that it would incorporate a pedestrian/bike path, a fishing/crabbing area and parking in the new Garden State Parkway bridge linking Atlantic and Cape May counties. Compliments to the DOT and its commissioner, James Simpson, for again getting it right. These decisions are going to benefit generations to come.


Cape May


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