Why was sex offender

•ot monitored better?

Joseph Caracciolo, who allegedly had sexual relations with a 12-year-old girl, is a registered sex offender, yet he was allowed to travel to different states. Where is the monitoring of these sexual predators so that they can't re-offend in another state?

Caracciolo allegedly ruined the life of this young girl. He even allegedly threatened her baby's life. This man is extremely controlling and unstable. Lock him up and keep him there for life. He's an obvious menace to society.



More Sandy aid

for Seaside is fishy

Regarding the Sept. 24 article, "Towns call Sandy aid to Seaside favoritism":

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park were hit bad by Hurricane Sandy, but Atlantic City got hit, too. I live on New Hampshire Avenue, and big boards from the Boardwalk on Maine Avenue were floating right past my front door, jamming into my front steps. People's homes were damaged and flooded. But Gov. Chris Christie never came to Atlantic City himself. People aren't stupid. Christie favors Seaside Heights. People who live there are well off.

I don't blame the people in Tuckerton, Stafford Township and Little Egg Harbor Township for being upset about Seaside Park and Seaside Heights getting more Sandy aid because of the recent fire. It's a little fishy to me - blame the fire on Sandy and take some more cash.


Atlantic City

Opposition to dunes

emotional, not rational

The reasons for opposing the dunes in Margate and other shore towns are baffling - including personal theories why the Army Corps of Engineers wants to do the project and aesthetics ("ugly walls of sand"). I understand why homeowners with ocean views wouldn't want their first-floor views blocked by dunes. But I also believe that home owners and business owners wouldn't want their properties flooded, damaged or destroyed as a result of the next major storm. We can't have our cake and eat it, too.

How do the opponents get away with this? They create fear, uncertainty and doubt. Emotional arguments are highly effective, because humans respond to emotions over facts. But for citizens and local officials to believe they are more knowledgeable than the Army Corps and coastal scientists is pure arrogance or ignorance. Neither is acceptable.

Too many of us have forgotten that Hurricane Sandy was only a Category 1 hurricane when it hit, and it cost $3 million to clean up Margate, which we taxpayers will be on the hook for next time if we don't build the dunes.

Dunes protected barrier islands for thousands of years. We plowed them down to build our beach houses at sea level, so now we have to deal with the mistakes of the past. Rebuilding the dunes is the closest we can come to restoring New Jersey's barrier islands.

A society can function only when we choose to do what is better for the whole over individuals. It would be nice if our citizens and government leaders just did what is wise and right.



Somers Point quick

to fix downed signs

I would like to commend the city of Somers Point.

At 2:45 a.m. on a recent Monday morning, somebody drove over signs at Meyran Avenue and the bike path.

By 8:10 a.m., Somers Point city workers were already measuring for replacements and had everything done by 9:15 a.m. Great job, Somers Point.


Somers Point

Time for LoBiondo

to be replaced in House

U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo's most recent vote to defund the Affordable Care Act, as part of the continuing resolution to fund the government, was a disgrace. Included in that bill was an amendment proposed by the Democratic minority to protect Social Security from privatization and Medicare from a voucher system. LoBiondo, R-2nd, voted against that, too.

Where are the yes votes, or at least discussion and compromise, about jobs, infrastructure, immigration, farm legislation, etc.? It is always no, no, no, with LoBiondo usually voting in lockstep with the House majority. What courage.

LoBiondo talked about term limits when he first ran for Congress. Well, as far as I'm concerned, time's up. It's time for him to step down. There are two very capable alternatives waiting in the wings to help the economy and the country move forward - Bill Hughes Jr. and Jeff Van Drew.