A.C. Rescue Mission

deserves our support

I was touched by recent articles about the travails of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. The mission is one of the few organizations that makes an effort to save the seemingly unsavable. Its mission goes to the fundamental concept of ethical human existence. It is the heart of selfless empathy. The mission takes seriously the precepts that many hold important from 2000 years ago.

Certainly it would be appropriate for the governments and people of southern New Jersey to consider support for the mission.



Consider appointments

the president will make

One of the more important powers of the president is the power to appoint judges, members of the Cabinet and other top administrative posts.

Federal judges are appointed for life and wield great influence long after the president has been replaced. Voters should consider that very carefully as we make our selection for president.

Which of the two candidates is more likely to appoint judges who respect, honor and adhere to the Constitution and will safeguard the freedoms we still enjoy? Which candidate is more likely to appoint judges who legislate from the bench and usurp the power the Constitution vests in Congress?

This election will have far-reaching and long-term effects upon the country. Barack Obama has not earned good marks regarding his appointments. Make your choice wisely and with the long-term future of the country in mind.



Obama, not Romney,

cares about middle class

I have noticed there are two primary reasons why a person would put money into offshore accounts - to hide money from their spouses or to hide money from the Internal Revenue Service.

Personally, I don't want a president who has so little regard for this country that he keeps his money outside of it.

Romney was blessed to be born into a privileged family. He has no concept of raising a family while earning $10 an hour. He has insulted the hard-working middle-class people of this country in hundreds of ways since he accepted the nomination. He then spent weeks backpedaling to correct his mistakes.

Romney scares me to death. He referred to seniors as believing themselves to be "entitled" to be taken care of by the government. Nonsense. We have paid into Social Security for our entire working lives so that there would be some kind of cushion for us.

President Barack Obama understands the hard-working middle class because he and his family have struggled as we have, and he understands the hardship we face daily. He had the foresight to bring us affordable medical care with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. He closed the donut hole for medications for our seniors. Do you realize that we, the people, pay for everyone who uses the emergency room as a doctor visit? Do you realize that everyone who uses charity care costs us money? Why wouldn't it be beneficial for everyone to have affordable health insurance and reduce the costs of health care to the rest of us?

No, Obama wasn't able to complete the journey he began when he took office, but he has set the groundwork for the mission to be completed.



Fees for toll violations

are highway robbery

Regarding the Oct. 1 story, "Crackdowns on toll violations net millions":

There seems to be some robbery occurring. A person fails to pay a 75-cent toll and then receives a bill for $50.75 from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

These agencies are nothing but common highway thieves that steal from the motorists of this state. A $50 "administrative fee" for a missed 75-cent toll? That's robbery.



A vote for Romney

is a vote for freedom

We have a choice to make regarding the future of our country. Will we move more toward a society of limited personal freedom, or will we experience a great awakening and realize that we have been responsible for the progressive policies that are bringing this country to the brink of financial collapse?

Our rights to property, privacy and even religion have been gradually infringed upon by multiple government agencies, both state and federal. We are getting dangerously close to being completely controlled by a government that wants to regulate every facet of our everyday lives. This progressivism has taken over the Democratic Party and significantly infiltrated the Republican Party. Barack Obama has had his chance and has failed both at home and abroad. Mitt Romney has a plan that is more in line with individual rights and economic freedom, and he will have my vote.



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