Romney just wants

to cut taxes on rich

In the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he wanted to eliminate federal taxes on investments (capital gains, interest and dividends). He pushed this idea as a way to help the middle class. In reality it would do little or nothing to help the middle class, or the 47 percent who are dependent on the government. Who would benefit if he had his way? Who has significant amounts of money to earn interest or invest in stocks and earn dividends and capital gains? It is those with incomes over $1 million. A particular example would be Romney himself.

Romney recently released his 2011 tax return. The return shows capital gains of $6.8 million, dividend income of $3.6 million, and taxable interest income of approximately $3 million. The return also showed that Romney donated $4 million to charity in 2011; however, he only took a deduction of $2.25 million.

If Romney wins the election and is successful in instituting his tax plan, his taxes will drop dramatically. His capital-gain and interest income would be tax free, as would a portion of his dividend income.

It is obvious the governor's goal is to pass huge tax savings on to himself and his wealthy associates.

And Romney's failure to take the full charitable deduction was no gift to the United States Treasury. Any time over the next three years he can file an amended return and get a $450,000 refund.

Romney prides himself on being a good businessman. His actions were not those of a good businessman but rather those of a manipulative politician. He is attempting to mislead the American electorate and is not to be trusted.


Cape May

Why delay Obamacare

if it's so wonderful?

In March 2010, the Democratic Party passed Obamacare. Democrats could have made the changes effective immediately instead of waiting three years, until 2013. Two years ago we badly needed the health care improvements this bill purports to deliver. We needed the jobs it is supposed to create. We needed the stimulating cost savings promised. But we did not get any of this.

If Obamacare is so glorious and beneficial, why didn't Democrats immediately implement it and ride the wave of glory to easy re-election victory in 2012?

The answer is that Obamacare is an ugly disaster. Democrats knew that if the voters experienced the tax increases, rationed medical services, Medicare cuts, jobs killed and the exploding deficit, they would never be re-elected in 2012.

So they scheduled the law's implementation for after the 2012 election. You have been suckered America, get ready for the Obamacare bomb, or vote to repeal it.



Here's why I'll vote

for Mitt Romney

Three reasons why I will vote for Romney:

He's a uniter, not a divider.

He's a doer, not a talker.

And, finally, I'm sick of the media bias. (Hello, Candy.)

President Barack Obama had his opportunity and has been unable to deliver.


Ocean City

Let's welcome horses

to new EHT park

Regarding the Oct. 18 story, "EHT about to transform soil-mining site into park":

It is unfortunate that the only people Mayor James "Sonny" McCullough appointed to the ad hoc park committee were politicians and direct neighbors. The fact is, all of the taxpayers of Egg Harbor Township purchased this property, and all should have access to it.

At one time, Egg Harbor Township was wonderful horse country. There were plenty of places to ride. With the building boom, those places disappeared one by one along with the horse farms, and now there are no places for the few remaining horsemen to ride in the woods.

Ironically, the trails in the Temple Tract portion of the nature preserve were originally deer paths. So why deny horses access to the last bit of open space the township has? The only objection I heard was horse mess. Well then, you had better ban dogs, deer and foxes also.

Horses cause no more harm to trails or the ambiance than people or bicycles. With a little creative thinking, we can accommodate everyone and deal with the objections of non-horse people, such as with dedicated trails or parallel trails, one for people, one for horses. The only difficulty would be teaching the deer which trails they are permitted to use.



Gruccio and Sheppard

good for Cumberland

Cumberland County is finally on its way to prosperity due to the efforts and actions of Republican Freeholders Mary Gruccio and Tom Sheppard. Improvements have been made in streamlining county services. Where similar services could be combined, they have been, and the county tax levy has remained the same as 2011 levels while the surplus has been increased by $10 million.

Re-elect Gruccio and Sheppard. They are good for Cumberland County.



Poll on college bond act

improper for Stockton

Regarding the Oct. 19 story, "New Jersey voters favor $750 million college bond act," about a poll performed by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey:

First, Stockton should not conduct polls on subjects that directly affect the allocation of tens of millions of dollars to the college. Polling questions can certainly be manipulated to favor one position or another, and one might question the motivation for and credibility of this poll.

Second, the headline itself pretty much declares victory for the bond issue, which acts to undermine any opposition to this new borrrowing.

My observation is that Stockton has plenty of money (it got a bargain on that golf course, right?) and should focus on delivering an education that is affordable to the residents of South Jersey. I am voting against the question in November.


Mays Landing

Libya headline

showed media bias

The Oct. 20 headline on an Associated Press story, "CIA cable on Libya fuels GOP sentiment," further demonstrates your bias. How about your sentiment? How about the American people's sentiment? Four Americans were killed as a result of being placed with no security in a country that is overrun with terrorists. What's that? Just a bump in the road? Not optimal?

The article states, "Republicans have offered no explanation for why the president would want to conceal the nature of the attack." They are kidding, right? This is a president whose Defense Department referred to the murder of nine soldiers by a Muslim extremist at Fort Hood as "workplace violence." How about it shows his Middle East strategy of appeasement is a total failure? Does that work?

Your bias has made you blind to the facts.



Obamney? Robama?

There's no difference

Another presidential election is almost here. Once again, the people will not be voting for their interests, but for the interests of the 1 percent who are in control -the Koch brothers, the oil, drug and insurance companies, and the newest member of this elite group, drone manufacturers.

Witness the meaningless debates between Obamney and Robama. The billionaire fossil-fuel Koch brothers had the anointed ones arguing over who would allow more drilling on federal lands, fracking up our ground water and polluting our air with "clean" coal. Making America a leader in developing renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, was off the table.

Health care was a finger-pointing display between the two standard bearers. Obamacare versus Romneycare. Meaningless babble from both candidates. The insurance company CEOs remain secure with their million-dollar salaries, a free hand to profit off the sick and a license to interfere with the patient-doctor relationship, no matter which of them wins.

Drones appeal to both of these "leaders." No wonder this was not an allowable question. Witness the law recently passed by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed by the Democratic president: In September 2015, surveillance drones will have unlimited access to American air space. The government will have the people in a virtual surveillance lockdown - clearly not in the public interest, but great for maintaining the 1 percenters' advantage over the rest of us.

When will the presidential debates reflect the peoples' interest and not just that of big money? When will Americans vote their conscience and not their fears? With the debates controlled by the Democrats and Republicans it will probably take a second revolution to have a genuine democracy of, by and for the people.

As further proof of how surreal it has become in America, Dr. Jill Stein, the physician running for president on the Green Party ticket, was arrested and handcuffed to a chair for eight hours. Her crime: attempting to enter the Hofstra auditorium where the second debate was being held.


Ocean City

Millville residents

are living in fear

Millville recently had two shooting incidents within a week of each other in Center City, both gang-related.

While our elected city commissioners continue to support the recently restored Levoy Theater and tout the New Jersey Motorsports Park, the Downtown Arts District and a local-born baseball player in California, this violent nightmare has been going on in this part of the city for years. For years.

Although the Millville Police Department's efforts should be appreciated, the law-abiding residents of this neighborhood or any other in Millville having this problem should not have to live like this. For the taxes they pay, they should be able to walk their kids to school or step outside their doors without fear of getting shot in the crossfire of a gang battle on their street.

If our elected City Commission is incapable of protecting us residents through their Police Department, then it should be up to us residents to protect ourselves and our families by whatever means necessary.




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