Post-Sandy 'help'

has been unreliable

Regarding the June 5 editorial, "Grants for Sandy victims / Real help arrives":

As I read this, I said, "What?" I assume you have not been directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

My husband and I have been displaced since Oct. 29. It took the Federal Emergency Management Agency until Dec. 15 to issue advisory base flood elevations. This change updates flood maps using 1988 data. Don't you think they could have waited to require these new elevations?

We have owned our home since 1997, and, until Sandy, we never had water in it. Sandy brought 2 feet of water into our home. Our house was at a 7-foot elevation. The zoning at the time would have required us to elevate to 10 feet. But, using the new FEMA figures plus 1 foot resulted in our being required to elevate to 12.3 feet. What do you think the chances are of our getting a storm almost twice as bad as Sandy? This is overkill, with no regard for how residents are affected.

Our flood insurance was with National Flood Insurance Direct. There was absolutely no customer service. No one returned calls. No one gave us any idea of what to expect next or when to expect it. We waited and waited. We received our insurance claim on Feb. 14. Prior to that, we had no way of knowing how much we would receive for repairs to our home.

If your insurance carrier took three-and-a-half months to communicate, would you think they were doing a great job? The problem with government is that you have no recourse. You can't take your business elsewhere.

It's all well and good that finally the federal government might have gotten its act together seven months after the storm. Time will tell. I've never believed in praising effort. It is results that count.


Egg Harbor Township

Our part of Jersey Shore

still has a long way to go

In a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, Gov. Chris Christie proclaimed that the Jersey Shore was reopened and ready for business after Hurricane Sandy. The residents of Little Egg Harbor Township may dispute this.

Someone should tell Christie there is more to the Jersey Shore than boardwalks and amusements. Aside from visiting affluent Long Beach Island and holding one town-hall meeting in Stafford Township, he has been a no-show in southern Ocean County. The Jersey Shore includes more than just the tourist destinations.

New Jersey is still rebuilding. President Barack Obama and Christie toured the areas that have been among the first to recover.

The governor concedes that in other parts of the state many homeowners are still rebuilding seven months after the devastation, but those areas do not make good photo ops when running for re-election.


Little Egg Harbor Township


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