State used Venice Park

as a dumping ground

Regarding the Sept. 11 story, "Parolees removed from Atlantic City":

It is beyond my comprehension that more than two dozen nonviolent parolees, including "Tier 1" sex offenders, were being housed at an Atlantic City motel without the knowledge of Mayor Lorenzo Langford, Police Chief Ernest Jubilee, the Board of Education and the Venice Park community.

This motel is in walking distance of the Venice Park School, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Complex and the New York Avenue School. To say that "Tier 1" sex offenders are those not likely to offend again is no consolation. No one can assure us that these parolees will not offend again.

But more than anything, to put the children at risk going to and from school and to aid in the deterioration of a strong community shows the lack of respect on the part of the state for the residents of Atlantic City.

In this day and age of so many horrible things happening to young children in schools, why would this be done? Why were the mayor, police chief, the Board of Education and parents of Atlantic City children not notified before this was done?

Why? Because the people who made the decision did not care.

How long will it be until another group is housed in the same location without the knowledge of the community? We are not a part of the Tourism District, and it seems that our neighborhoods will become a dumping ground if we do not remain vigilant.


Atlantic City

Attacking Syria

will solve nothing

Regarding possible U.S. military action in Syria:

Wars are not won by blowing things up; they are won by changing the hearts and minds of the enemy. On this basis, it's fair to say the U.S. has lost every war it has engaged in since World War II - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. What did Albert Einstein say about people who repeat actions expecting a different result?



Atlantic City Alliance

is doing A.C. proud

As executive director of the Metropolitan Business and Citizen's Association, I must express our appreciation to the Atlantic City Alliance for a great job in bringing new and exciting events to Atlantic City. This benefits our tourists, businesses and residents alike.

The free "DO ART" event on the Boardwalk on Sept. 7 was full of great regional artists and had wonderful entertainment at Kennedy Plaza. On the same day up the Boardwalk between the Revel Casino-Hotel and Showboat Casino Hotel, the 2013 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament took place in the magnificent sun. There were terrific viewing stands for the public and some of the country's top athletes all participating right here in Atlantic City.

We at MBCA would like to thank the Atlantic City Alliance for helping to truly make "DO AC" a fun reality.


Atlantic City

Sandy grants can help

New Jersey marinas

As executive director of the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey, I was very pleased that the state was successful in enabling Stronger NJ Business grant support for marinas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The boating industry is made up of hardworking small businesses, and we are thankful that New Jersey recognized that and worked to ensure that these marinas would be eligible for funding under this program.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's policy initially rendered recreational facilities ineligible for this grant funding; however, the administration and HUD developed a policy to distinguish yacht clubs and marinas supported by private memberships from marinas that provide access and services to the public. Commercial marinas also remain eligible.

My message today to all marinas impacted by the storm is to call the New Jersey Economic Development Authority's Sandy hotline at 1-855-SANDY-BZ to see if you qualify for the Stronger NJ Business Grant Program, which can provide grants of up to $50,000. You can also talk to a business advisor in person at a Stronger NJ Business Grant Workshop for marinas that the EDA is hosting Sept. 24 at the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve in Tuckerton.



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