EHT mayor now knows

how the overtaxed feel

Regarding the Aug. 21 story, "Egg Harbor Township taxes price mayor out of house":

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As for Mayor James "Sonny" McCullough's tax problem, he is the one who said a revaluation was needed so that everyone paid their fair share. Besides, he is also on the Township Committee, which sets our township tax rates.

Maybe now our mayor will understand and know how residents and our senior citizens feel when they are taxed out of their homes.


Egg Harbor Township

Instead of complaining,

lower taxes in EHT

Regarding the Aug. 21 story, "Egg Harbor Township taxes price mayor out of house":

Mayor James "Sonny" McCullough should stop crying about taxes. He and the Township Committee voted for the revaluation. He said the people had to pay their fair share of taxes. Now he got hit. It backfired on him.

Does he know how many township residents are on a fixed income? Taxes go up, but their income does not. McCullough has a condo in Florida, so he can afford it. Instead of complaining, why doesn't he give us a break on our taxes?


Egg Harbor Township

To protect cod, sea bass,

catch more dogfish

The federal government now wants a 70 percent reduction in cod and sea bass quotas. This should tell you that its approach to managing the fisheries is all wrong.

Regulators should be focused on the dogfish, a vicious predator that consumes baby groundfish. Instead of reducing the numbers of dogfish, regulators have protected them. The predators outnumber the prey - baby cod and sea bass.

We need an immediate reduction of no less than 75 percent of the dogfish population. Don't worry about hurting them. The population ranges from Labrador to South America.

There will be opposition, especially from the Pew Charitable Trusts. These chair polishers believe that restricting catches will cause the cod and sea bass stocks to rebound. This will not happen while the dogfish population is so large. Meanwhile, people are deprived of codfish and sea bass to eat.

A dozen years ago, there was an effort to reduce the dogfish population, which worked. Off our coast, we had baby cod and baby sea bass from 12 inches to 20 inches long. Things looked very promising. Then the government stepped in and stopped dogfishing, a very big mistake. If catching dogfish had been allowed to continue unobstructed, right now fishermen would be up to their knees in cod and sea bass.

If U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan, R-3rd, and others in Congress can implement these measures, the fish will return. And our representatives won't have to worry about getting future votes from the fishermen or the fish-eating public.



Compassion is lacking

among today's youth

Regarding Richard Cohen's Sept. 5 column, "Teen culture has officially run amok":

Miley Cyrus' cheap act was a complete disgrace. It resonates with an audience that is on to the next thing without regard for consequences.

Today, there is a lack of compassion and understanding in America's youth. Please try today to mentor a young person and cite the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."



Time for conservatives

to get behind president

If you want to label me, I am a conservative Christian, a Republican and proud citizen of the United States. I am seeing my president called a cowardly, inept leader, and I say enough.

It is time for this divided country to come together behind the presidency and show the world that we support him in his fight against the evil taking place in Syria.


Cape May Court House

It's not Washington,

it's the president

Washington hasn't failed America, but a president who has no respect for government shouldn't be president. The Constitution should be obeyed. America, don't turn against Washington. How good is your president?



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