What has Obama done

to deserve second term?

The people of this country better wake up fast. The upcoming election is less than two months away and will decide the future direction of this country.

Over the past four years, we can clearly see President Barack Obama's vision for our country: bigger government, out-of-control spending, government-run health care, more regulation (which is hurting any kind of recovery) and higher energy prices. The price of gas was $1.85 a gallon when Obama took office. Now it is approaching $4 per gallon. We've seen billions wasted on green projects, more than $5 trillion added to our debt. What do we have to show for all this money?

Mitt Romney might not be flashy or give preacher-like speeches like Obama, but he has worked in the private sector most of his life and knows how to get things done. In the private sector you have to produce results or you are replaced with someone who can get the job done. This president is cleary not getting the job done.

If you want to see America's future with four more years of Obama as president, just look at Europe. It's time to choose. Let's hope we get it right this time .



Pakistani Americans

condemn violence

The Pakistani American Organization of New Jersey regrets and condemns the loss of all innocent lives due to the recent protests over the controversial, hateful, and bigoted film on Islam, "Innocence of Muslims."

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and we respect and hold highly all prophets of Islam including Muhammad, Jesus and Moses. May peace and blessings be upon them all.

To portray any of our prophets in such a shameful and a hateful manner shows the lack of understanding and tolerance to Muslims around the world. Those involved in the production of this hateful film have instigated violence around the world, and those involved in the violent demonstrations show lack of respect and understating of their peaceful religion.

We welcome the opportunity to educate, learn, and make bridges among people of all backgrounds and faiths.



Pakistani American Organization

of New Jersey

Atlantic City

Romney's business success

makes him more qualified

Regarding the Sept. 12 letter, "Romney's actions legal - but not presidential":

The writer states, "Mitt Romney stows his money overseas to avoid paying taxes." Most people with large amounts of money diversify with various accounts overseas. Most brokers recommend overseas growth stocks, etc.

The writer says Romney "based his career at Bain Capital on foreclosing on businesses he purchased and firing or lowering the wages of the workers at those companies." How do you foreclose on yourself? In takeovers there are firings, usually of the unqualified personnel who caused the company's dilemma.

Why such interest in Romney's money? Jack and Ted Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kerry, Al Gore and John McCain all had plenty of money, and it wasn't an issue. Romney is the only one who actually earned his. If there were wrongdoing, I'm sure the Internal Revenue Service or the Securities and Exchange Commission would have told us.

Bain had a 75 percent to 80 percent success in reviving struggling businesses and made a respectable return on investment during Romney's tenure. Romney has a "stellar business record," according to Bill Clinton. He also has a stellar public service and charitable activity record of note.

The writer says "neither action presents an appropriate background for a president of the United States." What are President Barack Obama's qualifications? Leadership, financial and corporate management, diplomacy or marketing? Questionable personal associations? A history of voting "present?" Budgeting? Green energy investments? Work ethic?


Cape May Court House

Political opinion polls

more art than science

In the current race for the White House, there seems to be a noticeable increase in the number of political polls from previous years. On any given day, on any newscast, the results of the latest poll will be revealed.

To a point, political polls serve a purpose. They gauge the opinion of the public on specific issues or measure the general political mood.

But political polls have their shortcomings. There has always been the question of the accuracy due to bias or imprecise polling methods. Polls are always reported with a margin of error.

Some people may unknowingly be influenced by polling results. Everyone should be skeptical of polling because it is far more an art than a science.



Chicago strike shows

misplaced priorities

It is a foregone conclusion that the Chicago teachers' strike will be settled and that the winners will be the teachers and the school students will be the losers. The teachers will receive a pay raise, while the graduation rate and reading proficiency will remain abysmal. Politicians will congratulate each other on the settlement and taxpayers will pay more to continue this death spiral for the once great city of Chicago.

Why do Democrats and minority leaders continue to support the unions at the expense of the education of students? We all know the answer: dues and votes.

The deficit and wild spending preclude correcting our educational problems and other issues that are menacing this country. The spending is endangering our defense budget and weakening our military. Entitlement programs cannot be sustained at the current level.

We are less than 60 days from a national election. To listen to the politicians and mainstream media, the issues are the war on women, personal attacks on candidates, one candidate's wealth and tax returns and the other candidate's college transcripts and birth certificate.

The real issues are the economy, deficits, jobs and how to return this country to its previous greatness.


Ocean City

Why all the fuss

over topless princess?

What's with the world? The country that promoted prudish values during the reign of Queen Victoria has come back to bite Princess Kate Middleton because a French magazine published photos of her sunbathing topless.

Immature, ignorant, fearful of the human body and its beauty - so-called "advanced" societies and civilizations behave like uneducated children when it comes to questions of the human body, the subject of some of the most beautiful art and sculpture ever created.

When do we grow up and get over it? When do we celebrate the beauty and amazing function of the human breast, which has nourished mankind?


Somers Point

Unemployment rate

only tells half the story

Recently, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent. This is not good news, however, because it dropped for the wrong reasons.

The number only includes those who have either applied or interviewed for a job in the previous four weeks. The rate decreased because fewer people looked for work. Why is that?

One reason is that more than 5 million people have been unemployed for more than six months. Some of those people, after having looked for jobs for months, took a break from looking. Also, underemployed people, those who took jobs making much less money, are not counted as unemployed. As Mortimer Zuckerman writes in The Wall Street Journal, if those groups are considered, the real unemployment rate is closer to 19 percent.

How do we help these people? There are three choices: public assistance, expanding government payrolls or private-sector job creation. Everyone would agree that private-sector job growth is the best answer. What is the best way to stimulate job creation? Is it more government involvement and higher debt or a more favorable tax structure and accommodating regulatory environment?

Do you look at the current administration and think the economy is doing well because more than 3 million jobs have been created since 2009, or do you think this is the slowest recovery we have had and that more jobs should have been created?

To make an analogy, we can compare our economy to a house. The lack of job creation is as if the house is on fire and the other issues are like a leaky roof. Both are important, but one is immediate. There will be no roof if the fire is not put out. This is such a critical election that voters should put aside political affiliations this one time and vote for the candidate who has the best plan to put out the fire and create more private-sector jobs before the house goes up in flames.




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