Strathmere letter

full of inaccuracies

Regarding the Aug. 21 letter, "Strathmere must continue its struggle":

The letter, regarding the Strathmere de-annexation request, contained numerous misrepresentations and inaccuracies.

First and foremost, the attempt to de-annex was entirely about school taxes. Most of the allegations of poor services did not arise until the county mandated the real property revaluation. Strathmere had had the benefit of undervaluation for more than 14 years.

Every court that has addressed the issue has determined that Upper Township acted reasonably and appropriately in denying the request to de-annex.

The misrepresentations in the letter are nothing but a smokescreen to cover the real issue and prop up a losing battle. Specifically, the facts are as follows:

• State Police coverage has resulted in one of the lowest crime rates in the area.

• Upper Township installed a rock wall to protect the north end of Strathmere at a cost of over $1 million.

• The township has an engineered beach with ongoing replenishment programs and has received both state and federal funds for these programs.

• For many years, the township has had an annual contract with the state's pre-eminent authority on beach replenishment and erosion, Dr. Stewart Farrell of the Coastal Research Center.

The writer relies on references from 50 to 100 years ago to justify his cause. I can only guess that the motive behind this absurdity and the misrepresentations is a desire to raise more funds to support his lost cause. It is a shame Upper Township taxpayers and Strathmere residents have to continue to waste their hard-earned money on this issue.



Upper Township

Relax phys-ed rules

for student athletes

Regarding the Aug. 28 letter, "N.J. students need more phys-ed time":

Although I agree obesity is an issue and our children need physical activity, one wonders why all students need the state minimum of 150 to 225 minutes of physical education classes each week during school hours.

Student athletes, starting at local club levels and extending to high school, work out or practice more than the state required minimum. Some high school students practice 10 hours per week. Student athletes could make better use of their time by taking either additional academic courses or study halls that provide them adequate hours to complete assignments.

Time is a precious commodity for all of us, and athletes are no exception. It is heartbreaking to watch athletes burn the candle at both ends, knowing they could be making better use of their time in school. Athletes meet the requirements for physical activity - they shouldn't need to take a remedial class.


Cape May Court House

Republicans have become

obstructionist 'faction'

Regarding the Aug. 27 letter, "Current Congress setting record for doing little," by Cassandra Shober, Democrat candidate for Congress in the 2nd District:

I agree. The partisan politics being practiced by the Republicans in Congress are an example of putting party above nation.

This is the type of faction that Alexander Hamilton and James Madison warned against in the Federalist Papers, published to advocate for the ratification of the then-proposed federal Constitution.

Hamilton stated in Federalist No. 9 that a faction was "a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community."

This 18th century definition perfectly defines 21st century Republicans. With the host of pressing problems facing the United States, this Congress has chosen to do nothing that could remotely be seen as reflecting positively on President Barack Obama.

Hamilton also proposed two methods of curing "the mischiefs of faction:" Remove its cause or control its effects. By rejecting the obstructionist policies of the incumbent, Frank Lobiondo, residents of the 2nd Congressional District can control an effect of faction by removing one of its practitioners.


Egg Harbor Township

Why isn't George W. Bush

speaking at convention?

Republicans still give the standard stump response, "stop blaming the last president for our current troubles," as if we should all hide our heads in the sand and make believe these problems came from nowhere, like a drug dealer who wonders why he is suddenly unhealthy after years of drug abuse.

Why then is the protocol of allowing the last president of your party to give an address at your convention not being followed? Why isn't George W. Bush giving a speech? That speaks volumes more than Republican rhetoric. Maybe the finger-pointing about blame should finally be pointed at those who are ashamed.




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