Ship collisions inexplicable

The USS Fitzgerald gets hit in the South China Sea by an enormous tanker, resulting in loss of life and almost sinking her. The Navy called it an accident. The destroyer has multiple radar systems, underwater obstacle detection, GPS, satellite guidance — all with alarms so loud they could not be ignored. The bridge had to have been so noisy it could wake the dead. One such event might be an accident, but this happened again shortly afterward to the USS McCain.

If the government is covering up an attack by claiming an accident, I could see that as a smart thing to do. To just say oops it just happened again is insane. If this really was accidental and the Navy admits it, well that tells me we are being lead by morons. Why in the world don’t they just lie like they always do? I am very accustomed to the volumes of lies we are barraged with from government every day. Why should they pick now to tell the truth?

Stephen Kruger


Removing statue of Lee like destruction by Taliban

Responsible citizens deplore last month’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Media reporting blames racism, but there has been little focus on the impetus for the march, nor the part played by law enforcement in allowing the violence to commence.

Progressives on city council voted to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. This is no different than the Taliban blowing up centuries old Buddhist statues. It is an attempt to erase history. The accomplishments of some of the most significant figures in the country’s history are to be eradicated because they don’t comply with current mores as laid down by today’s ultra-liberals. Don’t try to use the study of these times for instructional purposes, just eliminate them. It is the equivalent of book burning and should be opposed by every thoughtful American.

As for the actions of the police, reports have them forcing the opposing factions into one another rather than attempting to keep them separated. One can only suppose they wanted something like what transpired to occur. If there is another explanation, I would like to hear it.

Take a moment to check history and you will find the political party now raising the cry against such as Gen. Lee was the one fighting to preserve the slavery system and that fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Perhaps the Democratic Party needs to be abolished?

James M. Shippen


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