Liberals show disrespect

for African Americans

Regarding the Aug. 24 editorial, "Voter ID laws/A rallying point":

The baseless claim that voter identification laws are merely tools to control who votes and who doesn't is ludicrous. The left claims this "horrible" practice of making people show ID at the polls is nothing more than a right-wing plan to suppress black and other minority votes.

In reality, the left fears losing the ability to tamper with vote results, something at which it is very adept.

Liberals argue that African Americans have a tremendous hardship in obtaining legitimate ID. That, in itself, is a strong insult to blacks and 10 steps backward in the quest for equality for all. Democrats for years have kept the black population under their heel while throwing them bones to keep them happy. It is the most insidious type of discrimination, yet it works to the Democrats' advantage. They do not want the African American community to be self-sufficient and realize that it doesn't need entitlements to succeed in America.

Now, by saying it is a hardship for minorities to get voter ID, liberals degrade blacks as less than equal to the rest of the population, who have no problem obtaining ID.

Beyond any doubt, Republicans have always shown African Americans and other minorities far more respect than have Democrats. If you doubt that, just read up on the Dixiecrats of the South and Albert Gore Sr. (the global-warming guru's dad) who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Black leaders such as war hero Col. Allen West, economist Thomas Sowell and former presidential candidate and successful entrepreneur Herman Cain all understand this evil deception and speak eloquently on how it cripples the American spirit in the black community.



'Obstructionist' Congress

may be saving the country

Regarding the Sept. 1 letter, "Obama easy to support over these Republicans":

The writer makes a series of sweeping generalizations. Memes like "the super rich" and "beating down the middle class" are nothing but class warfare demagoguing. Has the writer considered that the "obstructionist" Congress may be trying to save the country from further harm by big-government policies that we cannot, and ought not, endure? Throughout history, Keynesian economic theory and statist policies that House Republicans are attempting to "obstruct" never work. Look at the Weimar Republic, Cuba, the former USSR and the current situation in Europe.

I would beg to differ on our upcoming choice in November. I would far rather employ two men who can partner to deliver an unencumbered economy with nonburdensome regulation, reasonable environmental stewardship and the courage to make tough choices regarding our crippled entitlement system.

The typical left-wing tactic of insults regarding Mitt Romney's ability to dress himself is tiresome and moves us nowhere toward a solution. Regarding the comments about Paul Ryan's proposals on Medicare, the writer uses a simple scare tactic. The tripe about ending Medicare "as we know it" could be a change as small as adding a comma or a period. I am 45, and I am all for ending it as a $38 trillion unfunded liability. Let's work together to reform it to something that will survive beyond 2020. It is a simple arithmetic problem.

And abortion? We had eight years of Ronald Reagan, 12 years of the Bushes, and Roe v. Wade is still untouched. It is settled law. Bad law, poorly conceived, but settled law nonetheless. Let's worry about things in this nation with some sensible prioritization, please.


Galloway Township

Union wages forced

beach bar closing

Regarding the Aug. 31 story, "Nonunion competition forces Trump Plaza to close beach bar": I think the headline should have said, "Union forces Trump Plaza to close beach bar."


Egg Harbor Township

Sex-change ruling

another reward for crime

Regarding the Sept. 5 story, "Court OKs sex change for killer":

What's next? Now courts are ordering taxpayers to pay for a killer's sex change.

Isn't it bad enough we reward inmates for their crimes with cable TV, special meals because of their diets or religion, microwave ovens and phones?

If this keeps up we are giving criminals more reason to commit crimes.


Galloway Township

To reform elections,

establish term limits

Regarding Citizen Columnist Jerry Luber's Sept. 5 piece, "Election system was created for a different time - let's change it":

In my 84 years of being preached to by presidential campaigns, I have been amazed at the money, time, rhetoric and BS displayed every four years.

It's time to end career politicians and establish term limits for all politicians. Regrettably, we all know we are asking for something that's never going to happen.

Why would anyone in office vote to give up the salary, free health insurance, loads of perks and bloated pension? What politician would dare make such a proposal?


Barnegat Light

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