Partisan letter falsified Trump flood donation

Regarding the Sept. 7 letter, "Trump brought toys, not food, to flood victims":

The writer claimed Donald Trump brought a tractor-trailer load of toys rather than food or other aid to flood victims in Louisiana. This is false and nothing but a partisan attempt to make Trump look stupid and out of touch.

Trump, in a show of compassion for the people of Louisiana, helped unload toys that were already there. Published reports from Louisiana said he brought and donated a tractor-trailer full of mixed supplies for flood victims.

Besides, even if he brought 10 truckloads of toys, what would be wrong with helping scared and confused children cope with a dire situation that had devastated the lives of their family, friends and neighbors?

While President Obama waited over a week because he was golfing, and Hillary Clinton was fundraising in Hollywood (and still hasn't gone), at least Trump visited the region and pledged $100,000 of his own money. Compassion trumps indifference every time (pun intended).

Alan Craner


Bank settlement unfair

The reported settlement with Wells Fargo Bank for $185 million in fines did not go far enough by a mile. The bank settled allegations that its employees regularly opened new accounts for customers in order to meet internal bank sales goals and qualify for bonuses. The bank says thousands of employees and some managers have been fired for engaging in a nefarious practice that spanned years.

We are left to accept that the practices were never caught by the bank's internal control system.

No settlement should have been agreed to by federal and state officials that did not include an admission of wrongdoing by the bank.

The threat of legal action should have continued. The potential of forcing a trial and testimony that would have held the bank up to public scrutiny was a powerful weapon lost.

It is time to stop settling short of an admission of wrongdoing. Millions of dollars fraudulently moved, thousands of accounts set up, a span of time measured in years, and many employees fired. Yet the bank did not know and the bank did nothing wrong. Sounds like total mendacity or complete ineptitude.

Vince Conti

Cape May Court House

No sympathy for Straub

I got a chuckle out of a recent letter in which the writer compares Glenn Straub, whom she regards as a victim, with that "turkey" who opened the Showboat.

OK, let's compare. Bart Blatstein bought a property, had a plan, did what was necessary to enact the plan, including getting the appropriate inspections and certifications, and ended up with the result he desired. Straub bought a property, had a million plans, which included a Tower of Geniuses, a water park, a refugee center, a hotel with a casino, and the purchase of Bader Field. He apparently didn't do what was necessary for permits, certifications and whatever is required of all developers. All Straub has produced so far is a lot of hot air and a bunch of lawsuits, but the Revel still stands empty.

People should stop feeling sorry for him. Competent developers or builders make it their business to know the regulations governing the city or state where their projects are located. The letter writer blames everything on "liberals." Nobody, liberal or conservative, has caused Straub's problems. Straub has caused his own problems.

I wish the property could be subject to eminent domain and turned into something useful, like a Veterans Affairs hospital so local veterans don't have to travel for care.

Susan Shapiro

Egg Harbor City

2nd chance deserved

Many years ago a family member was accused of stealing a bicycle by a state trooper. My wife had the charges expunged. The family member went on to serve in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2008 at the height of the battle and is still serving. A aggressive trooper almost ruined his life.

I fully support police, but they need to look at the human side of things. Not all kids are bad, but some hang with the bad. I know it's difficult, but compassion needs to rule reality. It's a bad world out there.

Walt Bielecki

Little Egg Harbor Township