Should believe scientists

Scientists predicted an eclipse on Aug. 21 with specific times and specific locations of the total eclipse, and issued warnings of viewing without proper protection. No one questioned it, protested it, wrote articles disclaiming it, or claimed they were not scientists and thus could not believe in it.

So why is it when scientists claim that some global warming is manmade and that evolution is more than a theory, they are questioned, protested, articles are written disputing it and claims that they are not scientists and thus cannot believe in it?

Gene Mulligan

Wildwood Crest

Gender transition poses danger to young children

We’re witnessing an unreasonable, rampant, gender-identity phenomenon and the terrible psychological effect it’s having on some young and vulnerable children. Comparatively few legitimate cases aside, they’re being encouraged to go against their biological gender before they’re old enough to intelligently evaluate the consequences. There should be a law forbidding the manipulation of a youth’s immature reasoning.

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Katherine Kersten said, “If your boy declares he thinks he’s a girl” in Minnesota, his parents better support his “gender transition” or run the risk of being accused of “child neglect or harm” and possibly punished, an outrageous violation of parental rights. This in spite of what’s done to supposedly change a child’s sex: administer puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones estrogen for boys, testosterone for girls, amputation of certain body parts, all with threatening side effects to the child both physically and psychologically.

A child’s confusion about his or her sex was previously diagnosed as “gender dysphoria,” an abnormal feeling of discontent treated with counseling by parents and/or a psychiatrist. This made sense because the vast majority of young people outgrow this condition by adolescence. But activists with ulterior motives, in my opinion, have been allowed to reframe this issue as revolving around civil rights. It does not. To claim so, activists conveniently ignore facts and reality that undermine their position.

Some young adults already regret the road they took as youths and are attempting to “de-transition,” usually not possible.

This is what happens when we go against nature.

Donald R. Ackermann


Democratic chair urges changes in Barnegat

The Barnegat Township Committee meeting of Sept. 5 was a complete farce — just like a campaign-style rally, a la President Trump, each committee member giving a stump speech promoting their “greatness.”

However, I’ll give credit on two issues which people in the township strongly and vociferously advocated over the last 10 to 15 years. They finally listened and renovated public parks and, after all these years, committee members will no longer take health care benefits.

On health care, I will highlight two relevant and misplaced comments made by committee members that evening. John Novak had the audacity to state he is a “true public servant” because he is generously refusing to take these health benefits. Why didn’t he refuse them the last three years and when he was on the committee several years ago? Mayor Albert Bille inappropriately “thanked” his party’s two candidates for refusing to take health care benefits. This ploy is purely a campaign strategy and should be seen as such. Campaign matters have no place at Township Committee meetings.

Lastly, from 2015-2016, the municipal budgt increased by $2.2 million; over the last 10 to 15 years — years where Al Cirulli and Novak served as mayor/committee members — the same increases/irresponsible spending occurred. Every year residents ask for answers to these unacceptable spending patterns and the committee continues to dance around the issue.

Barnegat needs new voices and voters need to make that happen. The township has had one party governing in Barnegat far too long and it’s time to make changes.

Marianne P. Clemente

Chair, Barnegat Democratic Municipal Committee

Barnegat Township

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