Without the gun,

Martin would be alive

Whatever your belief regarding who was the aggressor in the high-profile trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, that sad story could have been avoided, as is the case with many tragic gun deaths.

The families suffer grief untold. Did Zimmerman presume his teenage victim also had a gun? Would it have been a case of who was quicker on the draw?

In my world, here in South Jersey, I have seen many white and black kids wearing hoodies. Seems like they are a fashion item, not a reason for suspicion. Why could not Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchdog, be carrying a stun gun or mace - non-lethal deterrents - instead of that lethal weapon?

Whoever was the real instigator of the confrontation, the boy did not stand a chance. Zimmerman will live with that for the rest of his life.


Cape May Court House

Injustice of this verdict

will haunt Zimmerman

In light of the recent injustice in Florida, and I'm not talking about the rash of elderly men wearing Speedos on Miami Beach, the term "getting away with murder" will now and forever be referred to as "Zimmermaning."

For example: "Until his fiery death in an underground bunker in Berlin, Adolph Hitler had been Zimmermaning across Europe."

The only solace one can take away from what took place in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012, and July 13, 2013, is knowing that George Zimmerman will be looking over his shoulder for the remainder of his life. He is a colossal coward.

Trayvon Martin had it right when he called his murderer a "creepy-ass cracker." Rest in peace Trayvon.


Egg Harbor Township

It was actually Martin

who was put on trial

It was really something to watch the trial of Trayvon Martin, and trust me, it was Martin who was on trial.

When the jury was given its written instructions, members were handed the "stand your ground" law. It said the defendant had every right to defend himself and use deadly force if he felt threatened.

Really? What about Martin? Didn't he have the right to defend himself? Didn't he have the right to go to the store, buy some stuff and go home alive?

The kid who turned 17 a few days before the shooting didn't matter. What happened to him happens to black kids all over the country. The people who shoot them, if they are white, rarely go to jail. That's a fact.

Zimmerman really should have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. His interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News shows why. Hannity asked him if he had any regrets about what happened, and Zimmerman said no. Hannity looked confused. He asked him if he wished things had turned out differently, and Zimmerman said no. Hannity finally asked him if he was sorry for what happened, and Zimmerman said, "No, it was all part of God's plan."

I lived in central Florida for a few years, and I loved the place and the people. But make no mistake, prejudice is alive and well there. A lot of trucks have the rebel flag in the rear window and a gun above that. I doubt the jurors were overtly racist. But I'd bet my life that if Zimmerman were black and Martin white the verdict would have been guilty.

What are black parents supposed to tell their sons in the 31 states that have the stand your ground law? And how do we get rid of that lousy law brought to us by the Koch brothers and The American Legislative Exchange Council?

Let's all ask our representatives to do their jobs and write the laws themselves - or vote them out of office.



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