Regarding the Nov. 21 story, "Student Senate asks Stockton to expel anti-gay Chick-fil-A":

Richard Stockton College's Student Senate voting to cancel Chick-fil-A's contract with the college's Campus Center food court is the most blatant example of two-faced hypocrisy I have seen yet from the college political left.

These people spout off about "diversity" all the time, but their allowance of diversity of opinion only extends to people who happen to agree with their own point of view. No one else need apply. If you do, we will vote to censure, cancel, or abort you.

The students ought to be ashamed of themselves for constantly talking about tolerance, and then in practically the same breath turning around and attempting to censure people who don't see things their way.

And who out there can tell me with a straight face there isn't something seriously wrong with a male student turning up at a campus meeting wearing a "black dress and a pink boa"?


Somers Point

Stockton Senate votes

to restrict free speech

In reference to the recent decision by Richard Stockton College's Student Senate to attempt to break the college's contract with Chick-fil-A:

This issue was pursued despite the fact that the majority of the student body supports Chick-fil-A's right to continue business there. Although a member of the Senate stated that, "Free speech is not what this is about," it clearly is. This is just part of a continued accepted assault on anything that even reflects conservative values.

Stockton's diversity also includes conservative Christians. They also are frequently made to feel uncomfortable with many decisions that occur at any liberal institution of higher learning. Unfortunately, the Student Senate would never be a voice for them.

If those who take part in the meal plan feel that strongly about Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's support to organizations that support traditional marriage, they should opt out of the plan.

Be careful when stating that your institution supports diversity, unless you are committed to representing all.


Galloway township


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