Regarding the Aug. 14 letter, "War is coming - U.S. must prepare":

I would ask the writer several questions.

Have you ever experienced either directly or indirectly the outcomes of war? Give it some thought. The millions of lives lost on both sides, military and civilian, in the Sino-Japanese War of the 1930s and 40s, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, as well as other major outbreaks we are currently experiencing.

How about all the less-mentioned outbreaks throughout the world? Have you lost a grandfather, father, mother, daughter, son or other loved one or had them return home maimed? And the devastation of the cities and countrysides? The untold amount of money spent? I've been there, done that, more than once.

Come on. Think about it. War is hell. In the end, no one wins. World War I didn't end all wars. World War II didn't accomplish it. Neither will World War III result in world peace. If the United States is a superpower, then we have the responsibility to do all we can to talk with other parties to resolve problems. If we don't talk, there will be no superpowers. There will be very little left for anyone.




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