Not a week seems to pass when we don't hear or read about some beautiful, young, innocent child being abducted and brutally abused or even murdered. Whenever, or if ever, the animals responsible for these acts are caught, they always seem to have a past history and a record showing their horrible escapades. They usually have spent years in prison or rehab centers for their deeds. Somehow they get free and are able to prey on our young and defenseless babies.

The law and lawmakers must take a stand and lock these animals away in cages and never, ever let them loose on society again. The judges need to throw the book at even first-time abusers and protect our precious children.

As parents, we realize how important it is to keep our children safe and secure at all times and at all cost, but that is almost impossible unless we can lock them at home 24/7. What we need is a thousand eyes on the children. The guy walking his dog, the neighbor raking his leaves, the crossing guards, the UPS driver, the people shopping or enjoying the outdoors, the road crews and construction workers. All of these people can be the many eyes we need on our children to keep them safe. These kids are not on some deserted path or a mountain trail - they are out on public streets and playgrounds.

Being a parent and a grandparent, my heart aches every time I read about one of these occurrences, and I realize how easy we have made it for these animals to prey on the young. It is time to stand up and take over the protection of our children, even if we don't know them.

Mr. Pervert, you have been warned - there are a thousand eyes watching you.



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