Why is it that in America we fight, vote, change things for the better - and then we do it all over again?

Take guns, for instance. Didn't we have armed Americans before? I believe they called it the Wild West back then. It didn't work. So they changed things for the better. Now we are talking about doing the same thing again. Why would you expect a different result?

We formed unions to protect the workers, giving birth to the greatest middle class in the world. Now they are destroying unions.

Women once died after getting back-alley abortions. We gave constitutional protection to abortion. And that has led to all kinds of restrictive actions by states to deny that right.

People are dying because of lack of health care. That led to Obamacare. Now states are refusing to implement it.

Thousands were once denied the right to vote, leading to laws protecting the right to vote. Now states across the country are working around these laws to deny the vote again.

Then there is war after war after war, killing hundreds of thousands and costing us our moral leadership and our ability to take care of the citizenry and bankrupting the country. True insanity.

All we need do is learn from history, see what works and stick to it.



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