Regarding the Feb. 25 story, "Cut-throughs in Egg Harbor Township/Median gaps remain/Flaws seen in plan to remove turn openings":

And yet another road improvement project stumbles and bumbles along through the web of jurisdictional confusion and incompetence. We, the weary taxpayers, are told that the Black Horse Pike median plan is on hold while the township reviews the plan – after the project has been started.

It is apparent that the government agencies involved operate in their own vacuums. We trust our elected officials and our local, county and state agencies to act in the best interest of the public who pays their salaries. Poor design, re-engineering and lack of planning all contribute to delays and increased costs. We have seen this with countless road improvement projects, the Airport Circle in Egg Harbor Township and the Tilton Road repaving in Northfield being the latest. We are still waiting for work on Fire Road and Mill Road to materialize after many years of planning.

I am convinced that the roads in our area will never reach 21st century standards. We will be forever plagued with a Band-Aid approach to road design - storm drains in the middle of intersections, ill-timed traffic lights, excessive speed limits on secondary roads and the uncoordinated efforts of government agencies. But they sure like putting up those "Construction Ahead" signs.


Egg Harbor Township

Separate turning lanes

on Black Horse Pike

Regarding the Feb. 25 story, "Cut-throughs in Egg Harbor Township/Median gaps remain/Flaws seen in plan to remove turn openings":

Instead of having vehicles turn together at the same points opposite each other, why don't engineers plan separate turning lanes for westbound traffic and eastbound traffic in different locations? This way there shouldn't be any problem of drivers not being able to see oncoming traffic.

If they are not installing any more lights - which also cause their own problems - then this could work.

Yes, there will be some minor inconveniences for some drivers, but we are talking about safety here. Remember, your loved ones also used these roads. Let's make the Black Horse Pike as safe as can be for everyone. Patience and common-sense driving on this stretch of road would also help.


Mays Landing


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