It took many, many decades before the public finally came to grips with the fact that smoking was bad for your health. When people saw friends and family dying horrible deaths, they got the idea that sucking in two packs of Camels for 30 years might be the reason that Uncle Charlie died of lung cancer at 57. Today, the public has another very serious health issue even worse than tobacco, because it affects our children as well.

People are pouring pure poison down their throats three or four times every day. They are eating salt, fat, fructose, red dyes, blue dyes, pink slime, hormone-laced beef, chicken that isn't even chicken, pesticides, grease, etc., etc.

I see people at the malls and food stores who are so obese they can hardly get down the aisles without knocking cans off the shelves. It amazes me how a person can get so huge.

The drive-through at the local fast-food place has now made it possible to eat a giant order of greasy, salty fries and a super-sized soda without getting out of the car. Cars today have four or more cup holders in the interior just for that drive-through. This fat epidemic is an American problem. Other countries do not suffer as much from obesity, even though they are catching up.

I have no idea what the solution is. It took 60 or 70 years to finally hear "Smoking or nonsmoking?" It will probably take as long to stop hearing, "Did you want fries with that?"



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