Regarding the July 2 article, "Judge rules in favor of Walmart for Egg Harbor Township":

Just what we need - another Walmart. The beautifully treed corner of Fire Road and the Black Horse Pike, which had been Atlantic City Electric's headquarters, will become yet another shopping center. Of course, they plan to name it Oak Tree Plaza in honor - or memory? - of the stately old giants that will be cut down.

The new Walmart supercenter will eventually lead to more vacant storefronts elsewhere. The population of this market can support only so many stores.

But then doesn't it seem that part of Walmart's game plan is to undersell other stores and put them out of business?

Admittedly, the Northfield area, adjoining parts of Egg Harbor Township and the Downbeach area are underserved by supermarkets since the closing of SuperFresh, Pathmark and Genuardi's.

But will Walmart's supermarket section will be that much of an addition?

Not if the Consumer Reports 2012 customer-satisfaction survey of customers in 52 grocery chains is any indication. It ranked Walmart second-lowest in the group. Only Pathmark was ranked worse.