So here we are at the end of the election season and the beginning of a new one. Almost $1billion was spent to get a job that pays a little over $400,000 per year. That $1billion amounts to 20,000 year-round jobs paying $50,000 each.

It was a great election year for the media. Special interest groups spent an obscene amount of money in their attempt to ensure victory. In the 1960s Lenny Bruce defined obscenity as the fact that Sammy Davis Jr. made $40,000 for one night at the Sands in Las Vegas, and high school teachers in that state made $4,000 per year.

And what a dull show it was.

Perhaps next time around Mark Burnett, the producer of "Survivor," "Celebrity Apprentice," etc.) could stage the whole thing like an episode of "Survivor." Call it "Survivor - White House 2016."

Special interests could buy up the commercial time touting their points of view. Viewers at home could vote by phone, and, best of all, we would get to watch the contestants vote each other off. Fact checkers would get a crack at the ads, and we might actually get questions answered.

But what island will the contestants be on? Can't be Manhattan or Nantucket. Perhaps San Simeon, William Randolph Hearst's retreat from the world. Or perhaps Vieques, that tiny paradise of an island that is part of Puerto Rico.

My point is that if we are going to have to endure these long, drawn-out battles, they should at the very least be entertaining. I was not amused.


Cape May

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