Regarding the Aug. 29 story, "Kite is worst nightmare for gulls on A.C. beach":

I'd like to thank The Press for providing me with a good morning chuckle. The eagle kite hovering over the beach to supposedly scare away birds is about as funny as I can take at 7 a.m.

The story says the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority purchased a $4,250 kite that resembles an eagle, and that the seabirds flew away high in the sky "squawking in protest." May I suggest the gulls were more likely laughing in hysterical mockery?

It seems humans will continue to try to convince themselves that we can control nature. That these beaches are ours to do with as we please. Well, you may as well try to stop the tide. Can't we understand that it is we who have invaded nature's space, not the other way around? It is not the gulls that need training. It is the humans that need training.

Fines need to be more strictly enforced for feeding the feathered creatures. If you stop feeding them, they will go to the sea and feed themselves the bounty of food God has supplied for them. Surely they will try to steal my hot dog if they have the chance, but we are the ones who taught them that they can.

These are beautiful creatures that are as natural and as much a part of the loveliness of the shore as the sun rising over the ocean. The very thought of a gull-less beach is absurd, unnatural and, frankly, impossible. It reminds me of those silly fake owls that are supposed to scare away pigeons. These statues usually are covered in pigeon poop.

Our Boardwalk ambassadors have been a wonderful addition to Atlantic City, but telling them to "go fly a kite" on duty is fruitless and laughable, and a waste of taxpayers' money.

Silly humans ... they still don't get it. It's not nice to try and fool Mother Nature.


Atlantic City

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