Have China build wall

President Trump should accept bids from China for building the wall between the United States and Mexico. They are experienced in building great walls. Theirs is over 3,000 miles long and has lasted over 500 years. Once the wall is completed, the United States can claim bankruptcy and avoid paying for it. I would then move to Mexico and sell hot-air balloons.

John Longinetti

Little Egg Harbor Township

Deficient NJ laws don’t ensure election integrity

For more than 20-plus years the New Jersey Legislature has given us a number of election “reform” bills. Those election laws, combined with a number of dubious judicial decisions, some of which I have been unfortunate enough to witness up close, have left us with a system that does not ensure the integrity of elections or instill voter confidence.

Very often, especially when we instinctively know that there is some degree of manipulation of the election going on, we look to state and county offices and wonder why they can’t seem to control some of the political operative activity that clearly doesn’t pass the smell test. The reason they can’t is because those activities are often now legal.

The election offices can only operate with what they are given and within the system they are provided and are mostly powerless to affect the election activities on the streets and within the communities and the political campaigns. Particularly egregious aspects of current election law include motor voter laws, mail-in and messenger ballot legislation, and the lack of voter-identification cards, all of which need to be reviewed.

John Piatt


GOP tax cut wouldn’t benefit my business

Don’t believe the hype. The GOP’s proposed “tax reform” would not help small business owners like me.

I’ve run a small store in Pleasantville for more than 20 years. It’s a good business but the Republican plan to cut the tax rate for “pass-through” corporations to 25 percent won’t affect most businesses like mine. That’s because most small business owners like me aren’t making enough of a profit to even pay a 25 percent tax rate.

The proposed corporate tax cuts would benefit hedge fund managers, Wall Street lawyers and real estate investors, and would be paid for by cutting public services that benefit my business and help my customers save money.

Atlantic County can’t afford these cuts. Transportation and telecommunications infrastructures need an upgrade. Many residents rely on programs like Medicaid for health care. We need to better train and educate the workforce to attract more companies to the area. My small business can only survive and thrive if government invests in the community. The GOP tax cuts would do just the opposite.

Mike Price


Baseball best simple, pure

Regarding the Nov. 6 letter, “Baseball TV coverage too much of a good thing”:

I totally agree with the letter writer. All the great announcers of yesteryear are spinning in their graves. But it’s still throw the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball.

I try to remember the simple purity of baseball, America’s real game.

William Murray