Teacher medical costs justify jailing N.J. officials

Regarding the Oct. 30 story, “NJ treasurer’s letter blames NJEA for health insurance cost increases”:

New Jersey Education Association representative Steve Baker is correct regarding medical coverage. National medical coverage has increased costs in order to cover the uninsured. However, the state would have you believe that costs have gone up because teachers won’t accept paying the same money for less coverage. The state continues to lie about everything regarding educators. Surely Gov. Chris Christie and Treasurer Ford Scudder have complete coverage for themselves and their families.

The entire Christie administration should be jailed for continually lying to the public about anything having to do with educators and education in New Jersey. Republican elected officials in New Jersey have a history of stealing from teachers and the teachers’ pension fund (for example, Gov. Christie Whitman) or theft by neglect, by simply not completely funding the pension system (Christie) as demanded by the New Jersey Constitution.

If this nonsense continues, the NJEA and the 116,351 teachers working in 2,516 schools throughout this state should stay home for a while. The pain in their backs and headaches caused by the injury resulting from the request to pay the same for less coverage has caused a painful condition. Having taught in the inner city for 38 years and having participated in several such activities, it’s my experience public officials suddenly gain clarity of thought after they realize that there aren’t enough jails, they can’t lock everybody up; federal prosecutors, the public and news outlets are watching. They can pick individuals, but that simply aggravates the group condition more.

James K. Aumack

Cape May

No voice for most voters

Congratulations to all the winners in the recent election. The voter turnout in off-presidential election years has historically been very low and 2017 was one of those years.

In Cumberland County, where there are 89,420 registered voters, 29,196 ballots were cast. Therefore, one out of three registered voters cast ballots in this election. In other words, one voter cast a ballot while the other two didn’t bother.

I hope the 60,224 apathetic registered voters that stayed home are satisfied with the results of the election. Their voices weren’t heard.

david m. levin


Crash repairs overdue

Shortly after Labor Day, there was an early morning vehicle accident in Atlantic City near the entrance to the Atlantic City Expressway. One of the vehicles overturned and damaged two center cement barriers. Traffic cones, illuminated signage and additional barriers were placed to funnel traffic into one lane both westbound and eastbound.

Replacing the two barriers appears to be a rather routine job. However, after more than seven weeks, the damaged barriers are still not replaced and the rerouting of traffic continues to burden commuters and tourists. Why is this project taking so long to repair and when are repairs expected to be completed?

James Baltz

Mays Landing