Murphy win won’t fix NJ economic problems

The election of Phil Murphy for New Jersey governor is a non sequitur and once again proves the ignorance of New Jersey voters on fundamental economic issues — some because of apathy, some for lack of attention, some for lack of intellect … ignorance just the same.

Rich States, Poor States, a publication co-authored by Art Laffer, former member of President Reagan’s economic team, and Stephen Moore, chief economist of the Heritage Foundation, ranks New Jersey as 47th in economic performance.

New Jersey has always been at the bottom of the heap because of years of Democratic control, which is no surprise to those who are well-informed. A Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Sorry State of New Jersey,” ran on election day.

Kim Guadagno is not from the same mold as Chris Christie, nor is she an ideologue. The check she would have provided on the balance of government power is now gone.

“You will never solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it,” said Albert Einstein. People should reflect on this as New Jersey continues to be mired in dystopia over the next four years.

Bob Speigel


Democrat wins unwelcome

The campaign at last is over and we elected a loudmouth liberal governor who can’t keep his mouth shut. Our lives will be much more dangerous and I just hope our kids remain safe. Phil Murphy will go down as one of the worst ever in New Jersey. Anything could happen.

I am very happy to see that Rep. Frank LoBiondo will retire at the end of this term. I did not want him anyway as he is a terrible disgrace as a Republican.

Congratulations to Sen.-elect Chris Brown, one of the few Republicans left, although I had thoughts of not voting after his ads knocking Gov. Chris Christie, but he is a veteran and should do a great job. And then there are Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo and Assemblyman-elect John Armato, who are two of the greatest liars ever to win office in New Jersey. If people thought Atlantic City and shore areas would be improved, they are so wrong.

Liberals should get together and cancel the Miss America Pageant forever and make that their first accomplishment.

Barry Koob

Egg Harbor City