Congressman Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd

"The decision to release Megrahi, disregard his life sentence, and return him to Libya rightly infuriates the families and friends of the 270 people who lost their lives because of his terrorist actions. It is a deeply flawed and inexcusable decision by the Scottish government to show greater compassion for a convicted terrorist rather than the hundreds of individuals, including those in South Jersey, whose lives were shattered and forever changed by that day.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine

"The decision of Scottish officials to release convicted murderer al-Megrahi from prison after serving only eight years is revolting. The claimed basis for the release - 'compassion' for al-Megrahi - is truly flawed and appalling. Al-Megrahi murdered 270 innocent people, 38 from New Jersey. Where is the compassion for the victims and their families? Less than a month before yet another painful anniversary of September 11, this is a slap in the face to families and friends of the New Jersey murder victims. A killer such as al-Megrahi would spend life in prison in New Jersey without ever seeing the light of day. He deserves to serve out his sentence for committing such a heinous crime. My deepest sorrow and sympathy goes out to all the victims' families whose wounds have been reopened due to a miscarriage of justice that will set a murderer free."

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