Robert Leckburg Jr., 30, mechanical engineer.

Born in Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital in Cape May Court House.

Lower Cape May Regional High School graduate in the class of 1977.

He was an only child.

"It's impossible to explain the emotions. There's grief, sadness, loneliness and despair. And it just goes on and on," said his mother, Norma Leckburg of North Cape May.

Theodora Cohen, 20, Syracuse University student studying voice and drama.

Cohen, whose family moved to Cape May Court House after the crash, would have turned 41 next month. She was returning home from a semester abroad.

She was an only child.

"I think it's horrible. Can you image releasing a mass murderer and terrorist?" her mother, Susan Cohen said.

William Pugh Jr., 56, an international business and financial expert.

Pugh had leased apartments in Washington and New York, but his primary residence was his home in Margate.

He was president of his own firm, Profit Sources.