Joyanne D. Miller School

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Parents said Wednesday that they were upset because there was no district-wide notification after a student brought a knife and "kill list" to the Dr. Joyanne D. Miller School.

"School is supposed to be a safe environment for these kids," said Mandy Angelo, a township resident whose 10-year-old daughter attends the same school.

Angelo wasn't aware of the Feb. 8 incident at the school until she saw the story on social media. 

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"I feel like this is a huge issue and that all parents with kids in the school should have been notified of what happened," Angelo said .

Janet Mangano, of Egg Harbor Township, has a son in fifth grade whose name was on the alleged “kill list.”

Mangano said only parents who were involved were notified of the incident by a Thursday call from the vice principal.

“If this happened in another class, I’d want to know,” Mangano said.

The elementary school student, age 11, is under investigation after he brought the steak knife to school in his backpack. No one was hurt, and the student was suspended.

Interim Superintendent Fred Nickles did not return a telephone call fom The Press of Atlantic City.

However, Nickles told The Current newspaper this week that the school was notified Thursday by a parent whose child came home Wednesday and told them about it.

“This student had indicated to different students that he had the steak knife. He also had a list of certain individuals that he was going to take some type of action against,” Nickles told The Current.

Mangano said her son has not returned to school since Thursday. “He’s scared,” she said.

Egg Harbor Township police were notified and are also investigating. 

"Lately it seems as though when incidents like this happen, we're the last to know and we're left in the dark." said Kimberly Hughes-Sherr, who also has a 10-year-old child who attends the Miller School.

Hughes-Sherr said as of Wednesday afternoon the school has not sent a notification to parents.

"I grew up in the township and believe that to stay in touch with our schools and our children, we need to know what is going on, whether it be good or bad," Hughes-Sherr said.

This is the third reported incident of a knife in a local school in the last month.

Last week, the Somers Point School District announced it would institute random searches of student lockers after knives were brought to a school dance and other incidents.

On Feb. 7, a Hamilton Township elementary student was injured when another student brought a knife on a school bus.

The issue did not come up at the Egg Harbor Township school board meeting Tuesday night.

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