(Apparent preliminary winners are in bold. Results may not include absentee ballots.)



Alex Corkhill: 802

William A. Thompson III: 970

John Rynkiewicz Jr.: 1,012

Eric Neal: 1,142

Atlantic City

Kirk Dooley: 1,337

Walter Johnson: 1,470

Nynell J. Langford: 1,532

Buena Regional

Buena Vista Township

Michelle Thomas: 253

Barbara A. Meyrick: 765

Buena Borough

Robert L. James Jr.: 379

James M. Abba Jr.: 386

Egg Harbor City

Jeanne Mohr-Williams: 488

Steven Ortiz: 385

Unexpired term

Stephen Murpphy: 437

Egg Harbor Township

Ray R. Ellis Jr.: 3,469

James W. Galvin: 4,087

Barbara A. Szilagyi: 2,946

Louis Della Barca: 4,298

Estell Manor

Robert M. Kellner: 250


Andrea Way: 220

Marisa Scibilia : 252

(Unexpired term)

Debra Levey: 252

Galloway Township

Suzette Cordero: 3,708

Beverly Evensen: 3,773

Rosemary Hollway: 4,110

Greater Egg Harbor Regional

Hamilton Township

Martin J. Manno Jr.: 2,722

Galloway Township

Douglas Shiner: 2,722

Vicki Hood: 3,444

Carol L. Houck: 2,755

Hamilton Township

Three-year term

Sean M. Day: 1,167

Marla Caldwell: 1,249

Stephanie Buchanan: 1,658

Gregory K. Ciambrone: 1,445

Kim Melton: 1,970

Ethel Gaylord: 1,021

George Hassa: 1,073

Yvonne M. Woodall-Allmond: 606

Two-year term

Harry Rogers: 1,161

Greg Cassidy: 1,843


Linda M. Byrnes: 2,101

Barbara Berenato: 2,031

Robert W. Bauers Sr.: 1,461

John E. Lyons: 2,046


Donna Affanato:147

Mainland Regional


Douglas M. Harvey: 863


Write-in: 424

(Unexpired 2-year term)

Rose Marie Cupo: 1,006

Somers Point

Tay Person: 1,287

Mullica Township

Robert E. Stollenwerk: 685

Susan Brownhill: 644

Maria C. Jones: 623


Steven Wynne: 1,053

Zubair Syed: 839

Write-in: 460


Doris Rowell: 603

Doris V. Graves: 732

Johnny McClellan: 494

Paul W. Moore Jr.: 732

Ethel L. Seymore: 698

Melanie Griffin: 476

(One-year term)

Harriet Jackson: 912

Geraldine Hayer: 788

Ballot question: Should the school board switch from an elected board to an appointed board?

Yes: 755

No: 933

Somers Point

Michael A. Magazzu: 1,341

Wes Kazmarck: 1,059

William August: 982

Richard W. Gray: 1,002

Weymouth Township

John A. Doerr: 459

Marie Huber: 450

Teresa Mesler: 449




John Leonard Richardson: 356

Kimberly Schiela: 347

Cape May

Dawn M. Austin: 527

Edward B. Connolly: 514

Deborah L. Smith: 533

(Unexpired two-year term)

Jill M. Simcox: 554

Cape May Point

Janet M. Wescott: 81

Dennis Township

Patricia Lynn Ziolkowski: 795

Jamie Lynn VanArtsdalen: 1,389

Dawn M. McDaniel 922

Tara Leith: 940

One-year term

Giovanna M. Capuano 454

James Manlandro Jr.: 1,117

Lower Cape May Regional

(Lower Township)

Gary Douglass: 3,185

Helen E. Wallace: 3,206

Vicki T. Clark: 3,109

Francis (Frank) P. Majane III: 2,910

Two-year term

(Cape May)

Harry F. (Bud) Sundstrom Jr.: 614

Lower Township

Thomas Ottaviano: 2,118

Charles Utsch: 3,241

Joell P. Worster: 1,682

James Rochford: 2,755

Joseph E. Thomas: 2,158

Middle Township

Calvin L. Back Sr.: 2,095

George L. Delollis: 2,590

Edward Dagney: 2,073

Burgess R. Hamer: 2,802

North Wildwood

Gerald F. Flanagan: 663

David C. MacDonald: 680

Ronald Golden: 655

Ocean City

Peter V. Madden 2,381

Raymond M. Clark 2,167 

One-year unexpired term

Holly A. Buck 509

Dale F. Braun Jr. 312

Michael D. Foster 284

Daniel J. McGinley 247

David E. Powell 216

Michaela Walsh 660

Jon D. Batastini 723

Sea Isle City

Carolyn B. Shirk: 438

Stone Harbor

John McAllister II: 198

Upper Township

Rachel Mammele: 955

Sallie Callahan: 947

James B. Arsenault: 1,436

Theodore J. Kingston: 721

Michele Barbieri: 1,809

Kristie Brown-Chisholm: 1,280

Alistair Lihou: 857

West Cape May

Robert J. Cwik: 311

Christopher H. Wood: 345

West Wildwood

John N. Green: 113

James L. Perloff: 97


Lynn Quinlan: 175

Mary Ann Giblin: 252

Josephine M. Sharpe: 468

Franklin F. Carrasco: 390

Wildwood Crest

James J. Johnson: 569

Eric C. Garrabrant: 375

Michael D. Hawthorne Sr.: 564


Gregory Hudgens: 213

Donald Jenkins: 188

Melissa Rodriguez: 317

Heather L. Watkins Jones: 247

Adelina Feliciano: 232



Cumberland Regional

Hopewell Township

Theresa Christian-Hunsberger: 642


Ronald L. Campbell Sr.: 113

Stow Creek

Thomas M. Davis: 260

Commercial Township

Julie Abbott: 418

Melissa Chamberlain: 412

Guy Defabrites: 387

One-year term

Rita Pettit: 443

Deerfield Township

Write-in: 23

(Two-year term)

Michael Speranza: 274

(One-year term)

Write-in: 5

Downe Township

Darla M. Saulin: 209

Stultz Taylor: 226

Marie Blizzard: 237

Fairfield Township

Mark Henry Sr.: 358

Marge Broglin-Neild: 376

Mattie K. Gibbons: 381

Greenwich Township

Jill Sheppard: 236

Michael S. Jenkins: 225

Write-in: 79

Hopewell Township

Arthur L. Marchand: 623

Sharon L. Campbell:254

Hope E. Zeck: 328

Todd M. Bowen: 478

Kenneth W. Freitag: 739

One-year term

Jeff Kellmyer: 604

Karen E. Johns: 624

Lawrence Township

Donald Wood: 254

Maurice River Township

Robert Davidson: 401

Write-in: 14

One-year term

Write-in: 9

Ballot question: Change from a nine-member board to a seven-member board.

Yes: 515

No: 213


Robert P. Donato: 2,911

Charles Flickinger: 2,873

Robert McQuade Jr.: 2,865


Arthur Marchand: 70

Kenneth W. Freitag: 90

Todd M. Bowen: 53

Hope E. Zeck: 27

Sharon L. Campbell: 74

Unexpired term

Jeff Kellmyer: 72

Karen E. Johns: 85

Stow Creek Township

Kelly C. Fithian: 234

Darlene L. Rosenberger: 234

Write-in: 21

Upper Deerfield Township

Karen Ramseur: 917

Joseph Lee: 876

Two-year term

Stephen Wilchensky: 960


David W. Mazur 1,614 

Brian Dewinne 3,2128

Scott E. English 3,825

R. Alan Mounier 2,380

Frank J. Bongiovanni 2,321

Richard Baruffi 4,664

One-year term

Thomas W. Ulrich 2,975

Wanda ‘Wendy’ Lopez 1,462

Eric R. Girone 544

Ryan Devito 361

Geralynn Testa-McCann 1,569



Eagleswood Township

Kelly Stover: 190

Nicole J. Dougherty: 119

Paul F. McMahon: 153

Little Egg Harbor Twp.

Martha June Palan: 2,255

Karl F. Held: 1,693

Maddalena Schemichen: 1,554

John V. Bellone: 2,043

August Daleo: 1,786

Pinelands Regional

(Little Egg Harbor Township)

Betti Anne McVey: 2,388

Susan M. Ernst: 2,417

George Garbaravage: 1,879

Stephen Hartman Sr.: 1,487

Theresa Cardillo: 1,974

Southern Regional

Kevin C. Lyons: 3,910

Stafford Township

Wendy Cotter: 3,077

Richard Czajkowski: 2,463

Carey Lawlor-Kessler: 1,437

Sean M. Wasacz: 2,096

Joseph Sauer: 1,423

On-Year Term

No petitions filed:


Michelle Ballin: 358

Patricia A. Horner: 418

Write-in: 74

Worked as a reporter for various weekly newspapers in Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties before joining The Press many moons (and editors) ago as a business copy editor. Passionate about journalism, averse to serial commas.

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