Check here for updates after polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Commercial Township

Russell Stormes- 675

William Riggin- 767

Deerfield Township


John Stanzione Sr.- 829

Committee Unexpired

Robert B. Montgomery- 755

Downe Township


Robert G. Campbell- 428

Fairfield Township


Michael Morton- 850

Patrick W. Conahey Sr.- 382

JoAnne Servais- 812

John L. Bennett- 403

Allen D. Morris Jr.- 274

Benjamin Byrd- 512

Fairfield Township

Committee Unexpired

Ernest W. Zirkle- 307

Troy Pitts Sr.- 506

Viola Thomas Hughes- 832

Greenwich Township


Daniel Orr- 122

Eric Port- 128

Kenneth W. Sheppard- 98

Hopewell Township


Roberta S. 'Robin' Freitag- 1,315

Joseph C. Shoemaker- 1,269

Lawrence Township


Joseph A. Miletta- 727

Maurice River Township


Patricia Gross- 739

Kevin Langley- 541

Shiloh Borough


Harold L. Davis Jr.- 181


Dallus Bruso- 186

Glenn Newkirk-177

Stow Creek Township


Melvin R. (Randy) Dickinson Jr.- 456

Upper Deerfield Township


Scott R. Smith- 1,803

John T. O'Neill Sr.- 1,808


Nonpartisan election


Robert Romano, Proven Progress- 7,748

Perry D. Barse, Vineland Taxpayers First- 4,101

David W. Mazur, Association of Concerned Taxpayers of Vineland- 245

Douglas A. Albrecht, For the People, With the People- 2,146

Ruben Bermudez, Moving Forward…Together- 4,897

City Council

Vote for five

Louis F. Cresci, Jr. Independent Thinking Independent Decisions- 2,191

Mayra Arroyo, Proven Progress- 6,780

Peter F. Coccaro, Proven Progress- 6,423

Maria Laboy, Proven Progress- 6,560

Antonio F. Romero, Proven Progress- 5,638

Nelson Thompson, Proven Progress- 5,685

Angela Calakos, Vineland Taxpayers First- 3,672

Paul F. Spinelli, Vineland Taxpayers First- 4,001

Diamaris Rios, Vineland Taxpayers First- 3,344

Anthony R. Fanucci, Vineland Taxpayers First- 4,395

Carlos E. Villar, Vineland Taxpayers First- 3,637

Stephen I. Plevins, The Independent Candidate- 1,754

Delfin Cuevas, Jr., For the People, With the People- 1,698

Gina Randazzo-Thompson For the People, With the People- 1,914

John A. Procopio, Moving Forward…Together- 4,123

Maritza Gonzalez, Moving Forward…Together- 3,713

Terra L. Dower, Moving Forward…Together- 3,077

Edwin Cintron, Moving Forward…Together- 3,357