The Associated Press is calling New Jersey for President Barack Obama. The winner of New Jersey receives 14 electoral votes.

Also, New Jersey voters are sending U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez back to Washington for another six-year term, according to the Associated Press.

Menendez easily won re-election over Republican challenger Joe Kyrillos, who’s been a New Jersey legislator for 24 years.

The 58-year-old Menendez never trailed in public opinion polls, so the race didn’t generate much buzz.

The Hudson County Democrat entered the race with obvious advantages over his lesser-known opponent.

Besides running with President Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, Menendez out-raised Kyrillos by nearly 3-to-1.

Kyrillos’ biggest weapon was GOP Gov. Chris Christie, who campaigned at diners and rallies with his longtime friend down the stretch.

Even the popular governor couldn’t overcome a 40-year trend of New Jersey residents electing only Democrats to the Senate.