Atlantic County


24 New Jersey Ave., Zebra Corp. to DMC Holding Co. LLC; 3/25/2013. $93,500

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202 Creek Court, Ordille Michael A, Ordille Nancy A. to Tran Jeff; 3/26/2013. $260,000

640 Ohio Ave., Caring Inc, Caring to Caring Residential Serv Vii Inc; 3/27/2013. $175,000

805 Seaside Ave., Caring Inc. to Caring Residential Services VII Inc.; 3/27/2013. $215,000


533 N. New Jersey Ave., 533 North NJ Ave. LLC, to Pettit John T, Heffner Darcee; 3/9/2013. $40,000

28 S. Georgia Ave., New Vistas Corp, Labowz LLC to 3351 Pacific Ave. LLC; 3/9/2013. $325,000

1407 N. Ohio Ave., ATFH Real Prop LLC to Vanguard Investments Corp.; 3/25/2013. $15,000

3603 Winchester Ave., Residential Investments LLC, RMS Asset Mgmt LLC to Seguritan Cesar, Seguritan Teresita; 3/25/2013. $105,000

101 S. Raleigh Ave. Unit 613, Garber Albert, Garber Wendy, Garber Robert D. to 613 Raleigh LLC; 3/25/2013. $47,500

19 & 25 N. Trenton Ave., CJ Financial Assoc. Ltd, Cheralena LLC to 322 Corner LLC; 3/25/2013. $200,000

655 Absecon Blvd., Unit 1115, Fannie Mae to Unipro Property Group LLC; 3/25/2013. $27,000

517 N. Dr Martin Luther Blvd., Valstar Trade Group LLC, Antar Michael to Shayma Shaymlipy, Hossain Muhammed; 3/27/2013. $15,500

2721 Boardwalk, Unit 1715, Vozzi Jane to Dinapoli Michael, Dinapoli Rhonda; 3/28/2013. $435,000


619 E. Brigantine Ave., Unit 7, Coughlin Thomas to Kramer Arthur, Kramer Margaret; 3/28/2013. $102,500


113 Lauren Court, Park Ridge Realty LLC, Magyar Bank to Chen Liwei; 3/27/2013. $250,000


210 Joanne Drive, Twining Barbara C, Twining Robert C. to Donohue Sean M.; 3/9/2013. $225,000

134 Bernard Ave., Woodall Talbert S, Woodall Patricia M. to Khondaker Rezaul K, Akhter Morzina; 3/25/2013. $139,000

303 Longport Blvd., Trub Dimitry James to Managed Investment Prop LLC; 3/25/2013. $30,000

10 Carann Lane, Brady Keith A. to Stefanovic Radivoje, Stefanovic Elena; 3/28/2013. $179,000

160 Heather Croft, Simpson Gregory, executor for Simpson Mary C., to Kang Jae S.; 3/28/2013. $60,000


162 Route 50, Behrle William, Behrle Mary Lee to Andrews Martha Ferrin, Ferrin Andrews Martha; 3/26/2013. $137,000


304 Nectar Ave., Galliera Robert, Mascara Mary R, Mascara Louis P. to Donohoe John; 3/25/2013. $140,000

303 Great Creek Road, Heidtman William T. to Haubensak James Franklin, Haubensak Cassandra Serena; 3/25/2013. $227,500

38 Federal Court, Albrecht Elisabeth W. to Placentra Loretta; 3/25/2013. $52,000

888 Fishers Creek Road, Miller Barbara J. to Gagen David M.; 3/27/2013. $72,000

312 Herschel St., Horyd Lawrence, Nocito Margaret to Warren Jack W.; 3/27/2013. $290,000


1563 John Adams Court, Jones Sherre L. to Benevenuto Andrew; 3/25/2013. $118,000

50 Westover Circle, Winiarski Phillip M, Winiarski Mary Beth K. to Rossetto Barry J.; 3/28/2013. $187,000

30 Vender Lane, Perry Lynne D, Morton Lynn Lee to Cridland Marie; 3/28/2013. $185,000


695 Fairview Ave., Carrelli Frank, Carrelli Anna Mae, Carelli Frank T. to Gibbens Sherrilyn; 3/28/2013. $175,000


27 Elm Ave., Bator Francine Dedan, Dedan Bator Francine to Bradford Roger; 3/9/2013. $161,000


102 South Essex Ave., Snowden Robert M, Snowden Valerie, Snowden Robert to Wheeler Jonathan, Wheeler Marsha; 3/9/2013. $850,000

206 N. Wilson Ave., Fitzsimons David R. to Dahdah Raymond; 3/26/2013. $283,500

210 North Madison Ave., Murphy Michael Patrick, Murphy Barbara Francis to Venture Capital Of Madison Ave. LLC; 3/28/2013. $425,000

208 North Madison Ave., McCausland Hugh L. to Venture Capital of Madison Ave. LLC; 3/28/2013. $425,000

8200 Winchester Ave., Weinraub Lester G, Weinraub Donna F. to Lang Joseph J.; 3/28/2013. $510,000


4155 Nesco Road, Linsk Joseph A, Linsk Doritt to Kappra Brian J.; 3/26/2013. $266,000


202 English Lane, Rankin Brian, Rankin Diane to Wells Fargo Bank NA; 3/25/2013. $344,562


18 Bucknell Road, Russo Doris M, Russo Vincent to Williams Franklin; 3/9/2013. $180,000


236 N. Derby Ave. No. 602, Levin Irwin, Levin Elaine to Patzer Ronald A, Doyle Ellen D.; 3/26/2013. $128,500

5609 Edgewater Ave., Sanlino Developments NJ LLC, Carlino Christopher A. to Jacoby Nicole; 3/28/2013. $245,000

Cape May County


7929 Dune Drive Unit 116, Francis Hallinan S, Patricia Hallinan M. to Samuel Scopelliti R, Ann Scopelliti Marie; 3/28/2013. $337,500


800 Scott Ave., Jeffrey Warf, Shannon Warf to Justin Di Venuta, Jade Di Venuta, Blair Di Venuta; 3/25/2013. $196,500

755 Jonathan Hoffman Road, Cathryn Arnold C, Cathryn Arnold C, Charles Arnold C. to Randy Laudeman, Christina Laudeman; 3/26/2013. $125,000

117 Claremont Road, Wayne Hyslip David, Wendy Hyslip May to Wayne Ruesswick M, Arlene Ruesswick; 3/26/2013. $140,000

15 Osprey Drive, Kenneth Hutchinson J, John Hutchinson E. to Justine Hutchinson; 3/27/2013. $345,000


100 Pine Ave., Christopher Burnett, Gail Burnett M. to Victor Carnivale B, Susan Carnivale; 3/25/2013. $205,000

30 Siegtown Road, Steven Conti T, Stephanie Conti M, Stephanie Forte M. to Milton Wilson B, Alissa Wilson A.; 3/26/2013. $245,000

2301 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Fisher W, Margaret Fisher C.; 3/26/2013. $263,335

1801 Tidewater Road, Ryan Homes to Joanne Leonard M.; 3/26/2013. $298,433

12 Third Ave., Third Avenue Property LLC to Kenneth Rigling M, Tammy Hoffa L.; 3/27/2013. $110,000


2004 Surf Ave. Unit B, Jeffrey Kehoe J. to Alexander Silvestro, Deborah Silvestro; 3/26/2013. $295,000

421 E. 20th Unit 3, 421 E. 20th Street Unit 3 LLC to Jeffrey Shockley, Mary Shockley Lou; 3/26/2013. $171,639

1800 Ocean Ave., Unit 416, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to Alfred Foulds John, Patricia O'Donnell; 3/26/2013. $147,000

722 W. Pine Ave., Christian Ceccola, Donna Ceccola to Thomas Reese, Deborah Reese; 3/26/2013. $260,000

500 Kennedy Drive, Virginia Coombs Anne, Sheila Branyan E, Jesse Coombs L. to James Boyle M.; 3/26/2013. $165,000

711 Ocean Ave. Unit 209, Ronald Stringham L, Andrea Stringham F. to Joseph Muravsky, Theresa Muravsky; 3/27/2013. $155,000

412 E. Seventh St., Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M, Anna Marie Bailey M, Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M, Anna Marie Bailey M. to Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M.; 3/28/2013. $125,000


815 Parkridge Road, George Booskos, Donna Booskos Marie to timber Development LLC; 3/25/2013. $240,000

5421-23 Asbury Ave. Unit 5421, Robert Young F, Pauline Young E. to Andrew Young R, Karen Young M.; 3/26/2013. $225,000

1760 Simpson Ave., Sam Yespy H, Gail Yespy M. to Connie Boens L.; 3/26/2013. $227,500

921 Park Place Unit 910, James Harnett J, Paulette Harnett to Timothy Villane; 3/26/2013. $195,750

125 Folger Court, Roy Bartels L, Carole Bartels M. to William Newnam B.; 3/26/2013. $276,000

1024 Central Ave., Robert Stump, Res Consulting LLC, Virginia Parker M, Edwin Parker S. to Giancarlo Granese, Nancy Granese; 3/27/2013. $225,000


2 39th St., Unit 2, Suzanne Dougherty to Brandon Lively; 3/27/2013. $240,000

4900 Landis Ave., Unit 202, Michele Keller M, Sandra Keller to Patrick Bates; 3/28/2013. $292,500


16 Redwish Ave., John Helverson, Maureen Helverson to Kyle Johnson Thomas; 3/9/2013. $325,000

11 Katharine Ave., G. Walker Joyce, Gladys Walker Joyce, Edward Walker R. to Edward Nice R.; 3/28/2013. $205,000


241 E. Cresse Ave., Unit B, David Yatsk J, Christine Yatsk M. to Rocco Aversa, Vivien Aversa K.; 3/26/2013. $155,000

3010 Ocean Ave., No. 306, Frances Turco to Franco Frisone, Fabio Frisone, Giuseppe Frisone; 3/28/2013. $145,000


410 E. Orchid Road, Dean Byrne A, Christina Byrne M. to Christina Byrne M.; 3/25/2013. $178,000

114 E. Washington Ave., Lisa La Torre, Joan R. Santangelo Trust, Santangelo Joan R. Trust, Lisa La Torre A, John Santangelo R, Vincent Santangelo J. to 217 West 13th Avenue LLC; 3/28/2013. $175,000

Cumberland County


51 University Ave., Headrick, Austin to Amaranto, Paul; 03/26/2013. $78,000

174 Church St., Peterson, Dallas C. to Cabrera, Nacho; 03/27/2013. $61,740


308 Evergreen Road, Dooley, Roger D. to Schrandt, Michael; 03/28/2013. $70,000


34 Roselawn Ave., Boesz, Margaret A. to Stipes, Kelly A.; 03/25/2013. $157,000

368 Harmony Road, Jost, Steven to Carman, John R.; 03/26/2013. $185,000


416 Powell St., Pace, Cheryl D. to Candelario, Misael; 03/25/2013. $39,000

39 SE Lake Shore Drive, Kohler, Mary to Visgil, John; 03/27/2013. $45,000

503 Washington Ave., Davis, Paul R. to Springsteadah, Kara; 03/27/2013. $163,000


17 Martin Drive, Spinelli, Brian to Kelly, Don M.; 03/25/2013. $167,500

102 Sentry Drive, Bano, Kenneth K. to Klemick, Mary L.; 03/27/2013. $155,000


3907 Nathan Lane, Polillo, Marion E. to Newton, Jamie; 03/27/2013. $249,000

Ocean County


63 Hillside Ave., Couch Harry, Couch Isabelle, Couch Harry N. to Lally Gregg; 3/27/2013. $105,000

4 Tedesco Way, Ryan Homes to Macool Maureen, Otten Nicholas; 3/25/2013. $305,700

7 Sequoia Court, Pascale Theresa M, Pascale Leslie A. to Casale Ralph A.; 3/26/2013. $138,500

121 Windward Drive, Greenberger David to Bender Shmuel; 3/26/2013. $82,500

451 E. Bay Ave., Coba Inc to Fieramosca Richard Jr, Fieramosca Richard Sr; 3/28/2013. $735,000

5 Whisper Way, Zagha Gareth, Zagha Bonnie to McLellan Sean; 3/28/2013. $350,000


18 Ninth St., JTF Partners LLC, Fluehr Theodore J. Jr to Carlin Brian J, Carlin Jessica; 3/25/2013. $1,975,000


9A W. Bergen Ave., Marchioni Sharon, Marchioni Allen to Polise Thomas, Polise Helen J.; 3/27/2013. $1,475,000


270 Wallace Ave., Kish Dennis, Kish Janet to Galbreath Elizabeth; 3/28/2013. $190,000

1949 Glen Oak Drive, Mras Doreen A, Mras Richard R. to McDaniel Veronica, McDaniel Robert P.; 3/26/2013. $212,000

805 Wave Drive, Koenig Arthur F, Masotti Donna K. to Hecker Veronika, Hecker John Henry; 3/26/2013. $385,000

916 Clubhouse Drive, Schmittler Mary to Morici John Paul, Morici Nicole; 3/27/2013. $195,000

1102 Tahiti Drive, Ferrentino Dawn, Ferrentino Michael to Borel Tye, Borel Brooke; 3/27/2013. $95,000

Clearview Street, vacant land, block 1197, lots 18,19, Simon Nancy, Heimsch Nancy Froling to Bready Arthur D. III; 3/28/2013. $24,900


19 W. Dory Drive, Garcia Maria, Garcia Santos to Rowe Roseanne; 3/27/2013. $62,000

120 Lighthouse Drive, Ocean County sheriff, Admirals Realty Holdings LLC, Domestic Bank, Gensollen Carmen A, Commerce Bank NA, Advance Restaurant Finance LLC, Delage Landen Financial Services Inc, Vera Marco I. to Admirals Realty Holdings LLC; 3/26/2013. $80,000

37 Sycamore Drive, Cartelli Joanne to Capriglione Andrew, Capriglione Tara; 3/25/2013. $260,000

92 Pin Oak Lane, Garcia Maria A. to Eorio Joseph A, Eorio Tracy M.; 3/26/2013. $50,500

394 Parkertown Drive, Moylan Sonja, Moylan Sonya to Aguado Cliff, Moylan James, Hogan Susan; 3/26/2013. $40,000

10 Peterson Drive, Capriglione Tara, Capriglione Andrew to Culp Michelle K.; 3/26/2013. $142,000

218 Twin Lakes Blvd., Homeward Residential Inc, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc, Bank Of America Na, Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust to 218 Twin Lake LLC; 3/26/2013. $59,325

8 Pembrook Court, Flannery Sean, Petillo Karen to Vasa Properties LLC; 3/27/2013. $75,000

43 S. Spinnaker Drive, Reeves Albert C, Reeves Dolores to Nikolaidis Heidi, Nikolaidis Nikolaos; 3/27/2013. $92,500

136 E. Raritan Drive, Zemkowski Family Revocable Living Trust, Zemkowski James to Mack Brian; 3/27/2013. $35,000

45 Flax Isle Drive, Mary Jayne Comey Revocable Trust, Comey Mary Jayne Revocable Trust, Comey Mary Jayne to Canfield Jeffrey A.; 3/27/2013. $75,000

32 Gimball Road, K. Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii LLC, Hovnanian K. At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii LLC to Jack John P. Jr, Jack Debora Lee; 3/28/2013. $344,399


5006 West Ave., Fahrbach Ruth, Barger William, Maniaci Joseph G, Fahrbach Mae to Black Emily W, Black John T.; 3/26/2013. $630,000

90 Long Beach Blvd., Petralia Nancy R, Petralia John W. to Kaplan Lori, Kaplan Joel; 3/26/2013. $1,230,000

3 E. Sailboat Drive, Trattner Barry L, Trattner Thomas H. to Pappalardo David, Pappalardo Maria; 3/27/2013. $392,500

114 W. Jeanette Ave., Elwood Drew C, Wright William D, Elwood Sally R. to Boeschl Donna, Boeschl Robert; 3/27/2013. $380,000


64 Holly Drive, Nieradka Joseph, Nieradka Marta to Catennaci-Haug Erica, Haug Phillip; 3/28/2013. $80,000

25 Seabright Way, Lennar to Reeve Leigh J, Reeve Nancy L.; 3/25/2013. $329,850

225 Spring Lake Blvd., Randazzo Lorraine M, Barnet Stacia to Williams Anthony, Williams Lois; 3/26/2013. $345,000


819 Barnegat Ave., Anohr Properties Inc, Eckerd Corporation, New Jersey CVS Pharmacy LLC to Standard Insurance Company; 3/26/2013. $2,000,000


2 Elm Road, Liebl Albert W, Liebl Anne R, Braun Peter J. Jr to Regan Lisa, Brown Donna M.; 3/25/2013. $105,000

1486 Paul Blvd., Salzarulo Gloria M, Salzarulo Joseph to Capriglione James, Capriglione Patricia; 3/25/2013. $180,000

39 Ronnie Drive, Anastassatos Vassilios J. to Snyderman Evan; 3/26/2013. $175,000

17 Fir Road, Young Josephine, Saddler Patricia S, Pezza Karen M. to Fama Louise; 3/26/2013. $85,000

129 Stowaway Road, Negrin Barbara Jean, Pulcine Barbara J, Negrin Alexander to Jeffries Trudy, Jeffries Steven M.; 3/26/2013. $205,000

2 Woodburn Ave., Lally Margaret R, Lally Rita to Fantry Edmund, Fantry Liserl; 3/26/2013. $182,500

968 Jennifer Lane, Jones Marguerite P. to Beach Haven West Real Estate LLC; 3/26/2013. $155,000

546 Oak Ave., Fiducia Michael, Sodano Michael, Anderson Michelle C. to Carpitella Stephen; 3/26/2013. $480,000

148 Riptide Ave., Hambleton George R, Hambleton Jane M. to Cunningham Michael Sean; 3/27/2013. $195,000

37 Mermaid Drive, Allikmaa Olev Jr to Grayson Christina M.; 3/27/2013. $155,000

487 Coral Lane, Nieman Carol J, Nieman George E. to Sullivan Carol; 3/27/2013. $235,000

113 Barracuda Road, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Bonner Nicole; 3/28/2013. $234,700


295 S. Second St., Dilorenzo Lorraine, Dilorenzo Anthony to Kershaw Christine, Kershaw Robert P.; 3/26/2013. $634,000

285 N. 13th St., Jaycox Gordon H, Jaycox Donald G, Jaycox Marie C. to Farmore Realty Inc; 3/28/2013. $300,000


11 Leifried Lane, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Rumpf Brian E.; 3/27/2013. $230,000


More than 30 years’ experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines in Illinois, Colorado, Texas and New Jersey and 1985 winner of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association’s John Murphy Award for copy editing.

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