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Nature's Way: Birders seeing more of their type of kite in the sky

The bird-watching community in southern New Jersey is having a kite festival this spring, the kind where you can go spy a kite instead of fly one.

Star Watch: Venus has a date with the Gemini twins this week

This week, in the evening, brilliant Venus will form a fairly short, striking line with the two bright stars of Gemini, Castor and Pollux. But the real climax comes Monday, when a lovely crescent moon shows up just below Venus.

Rare bird alert for June 1, 2010

Three Mississippi kites were seen Sunday over the Beanery on Bayshore Road in West Cape May.

Star Watch: Leopards don't change spots, but Jupiter loses stripes from time to time

There are plenty of good astronomy sights this week and some amazing astronomy news. Jupiter's appearance has radically changed. Pairings of full moon and bright star, Mars and bright star are visible. And we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Halley's Comet's wildest week in modern history.

Newest measurements show New Jersey winds can generate more energy than earlier estimate

The nation’s wind has the potential to produce 50 percent more power than previously believed, based on a new map compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Nature's Way / Winter isn't over until the robin sings

Charles Christy called a week ago to report that he had seen a robin in his backyard in Egg Harbor Township.

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