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Nature's Way: Galloway Township boy finds 'killer' insect in his backyard

Stephen Schau, 8, found an usual insect last month in the backyard of his home in the Germania section of Galloway Township.

Star Watch: Mars, Venus, Saturn to form trio amid hazy sunsets

Last weekend, Mars passed nearest to Saturn in our sky. But this week, before Mars and Saturn can get very far apart, a planet more than 100 times brighter will move in to form a tight triangle with them. This, at last, is the week of the Venus-Mars-Saturn trio - a sight that should be one of the best of the year in astronomy.

Researchers show evidence of a dramatic comeback for the once endangered osprey

The water is clear, the fish are plentiful, the weather has yet to be too bothersome. It's a great time to be an osprey.

Star Watch: Regulus, Mars to get quite cozy this week

This week, the planet named for the Roman god of war gets closer and closer to the star that is supposed to represent the heart of Leo the Lion. The planet is Mars, the star is Regulus, and the two of them will come closest to each other in the sky Sunday and Monday.

Science and Nature: Galloway Township man photographs snakes mating, then fighting, then eating each other

Eddie Tate was not sure what he was seeing until he looked at it through the telephoto lens of his camera and realized "it was a fight for life."

Nature's Way: Northfield residents say their yard 'looks like a cartoon in the morning'

Susan Cavanaugh was very pleased to see a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks at her home in Northfield earlier this month.

This allergy season, over-the-counter underwhelms

Doctors say a growing number of New Jersey allergy sufferers are giving up on over-the-counter medications and asking for more potent prescription drugs to help them get through an especially bad spring allergy season.

Ospreys find fan in a new location

Kay Myers likes nature as it comes along. Pursuing wildlife experiences works for others, but she waits for nature and her life to mesh.

Meteor shower caps week of moon being guide to planets, stars

Today is the 100th anniversary of Halley's Comet passing the sun in 1910. And Wednesday is the 100th anniversary of the death of Mark Twain, who said he would "go out" with the comet. I will have more to say about those events in an upcoming column. The main topic today is the sights of the week.

See Mars drift past star cluster this week

This week, a delicate crescent moon shines near the brilliant Venus and the lovely Pleiades star cluster. In addition, the fading planet Mars drifts past the pretty Beehive star cluster.

Nature nurtures advances in science

While I was driving shortly after dusk one day last week, I saw a barn owl fly over the road with a small rodent in its talons.

Rutgers study shows mussels woven into mats help prevent salt marsh erosion

Beach erosion is a New Jersey preoccupation, costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year to keep homes safe and tourists happy.

Ant lions' emergence is the pits for ants

Lake Lenape Park in Mays Landing is busy with boaters, fishermen and families enjoying a walk these spring days.

No telescope, binoculars necessary to see 4 planets at same time

Spring is here and it is time to go out and see the wonders of the night sky.

Humans now raise little stink over skunk

A despicable, contemptible or offensive person is rarely called a skunk anymore.

Locating Venus key to finding Mercury

Two planets orbit closer to the sun than Earth does. One of them is the brightest of all planets and can appear as many as 4 hours after the sun sets. The other world can rarely be seen more than about 1½ hours after the sun sets and is therefore the most elusive of the planets.

Brightness of Saturn at its peak

Three bright planets now decorate our sky at nightfall.

Overfishing bluefin tuna hurts us as much as the fish

Atlantic bluefin tuna are fantastic predators. If we could observe them in their oceanic world, we would hold them in similar regard as the big cats, bears and eagles.

Laughing gulls may signal end of winter

Nature has been pretty tough on us this winter, with the wind and flooding over the weekend adding to the damage from repeated snowstorms.

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