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Some quotes from the region's top students

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Posted: Saturday, June 22, 2013 11:38 am

“Even with all of our gadgets, we need time for ourselves. We need those brief moments of quiet to get our thoughts together, to figure out who we really are, without anyone else butting in. So take out your earbuds, put your phone away, and listen to the silence.”

_ David Gilhooley, Ocean City High School

“Wild does not mean to go out and party, but to go out and explore the world. Be adventurous! Go to a different state! Go to a different country! See the world for what it really is, amazing!”

Kasey Keller, Buena Regional High School

“We are a culmination of ideas, almost 200 tiny little seeds that were collected and gathered and grown all with the same goal in mind — to begin a legacy.”

Michelina Hesse, Cedar Creek High School

“To be a member of society is to be both influenced by those around you and to return the influence through creativity and ingenuity born of work and learning.”

John Van Orden, Pinelands Regional High School

“As our school developed a new appearance, adopted a new schedule and offered increased privileges, we have done the same. Our faces have changed. Our routines are different. Both our freedoms and responsibilities are more abundant.”

Morgan Rann, Mainland Regional High School

“Without a doubt, we couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without the support of those around us. I want to personally thank my teachers for my newly developed addiction to caffeine. I’m sure Starbucks would like to thank them, too. Next, I want to thank my parents for not putting me up for adoption during those rough18 years.”

Cara Zampino, Absegami High School

“This October, our hometown was washed over by a disaster, Hurricane Sandy. But to us Vikings, Sandy was just a setback. We have come together as a community and worked hard to bounce back, and we have made great progress — a true success.”

Dominique Voso, Atlantic City High School

“The diploma was never the goal. The work we did, the things we learned, the friends we’ve made and the adults we’ve become are the real prizes.”

Rahi Patel, Vineland High School

“After today, life is going to come at us at a thousand miles per hour. I have no doubt that this class will hang on for the ride just fine. But it’s up to use to stop and appreciate the scenery every once in a while, and today has one heck of a view.”

Allyson Liu, Southern Regional High School

“As we move on with our lives, it is important for us to distinguish between what is Godly wisdom and what is worldly flattery.”

Joshua DuBois, Cumberland Christian School

“Get used to feeling stupid. It’s a sign of growth.

If the internet is the best thing in your life, you have a serious problem.”

Michael Paule and Chris Frederickson, Atlantic County Institute of Technology

“Thank you (to families) for being there when we needed you, and thank you for doing a far more difficult thing by preparing to let us go.”

James Townley, Oakcrest High School

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