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QUESTION: An obvious weakness of the 2016 Cardinals is the starting rotation, and that needs to improve if they're going to challenge the Cubs in 2017. The arrivals of Reyes and Weaver will help, as will the large depth of good arms they already have. Still, do you think there's a chance Mozeliak would consider spending big on a top-of-the-rotation talent to raise the ceiling of this group?

HOCHMAN: I mean, there's always a chance. Consider that in 2015, the Cards had a historically good pitching staff -- one who's overall ERA was about the same as Madison Bumgarner's - yet in the offseason, the Cards made a strong push for David Price. Like a GM once told me, when I asked about a possible big move: "Gimme a name." Is Andrew Cashner a guy you want to throw a lot of cash at? Probably not. I think with all the names you mentioned, the Cards are in a good situation to put together a strong staff in 2017. I foresee a rotation of Carlos, Reyes, Waino, Leake and Lynn (in photo above), with Garcia still on the roster.

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