St. Louis Cardinals v Tampa Bay Rays

St. Louis Cardinals' Stephen Piscotty is tagged out by Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria as he tries to advance on an RBI sacrifice fly by Yadier Molina in the third inning during a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Photo by Chris Lee,

Chris Lee

QUESTION: Regardless of the Stanton outcome, do you see Evan Longoria as a fit? If we got Stanton that would push us close to the salary cap, but with Waino and Leake coming off the books, we go right around where they want to be.

GOOLD: I don't think getting Stanton would push the Cardinals close to the cap at all. Don't give them that out. They have around $100 million committed, and that still gives them $75 million to fill and still not be anywhere near that spending limit.

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Longoria would be in play for the Cardinals, absolutely. The Rays could move him before he cracks the 10/5 list and has the no-trade control. In discussions with Tampa Bay that have focused on Colome, and have also -- at least internally -- looked at Chris Archer, Longoria could once again be a target for the Cardinals. When last they expressed interest in him, it didn't go anywhere.

Follow-up: Are the Cardinals waiting for the Stanton situation to be resolved before they pursue other trades -- specifically, the trade with the Rays for Colome?

GOOLD: I was told a few weeks ago that the Cardinals could operate on parallel tracks with their interest in relievers and their interest in a bat (read: Stanton, G.). That was predicated on the likelihood that the Cardinals' relief moves would be via free agency, and it was early on in their conversations with Tampa Bay, or before they had a real sense of what the Rays were trying to do. That said, it could be a case where there are prospects that are involved in both conversations, or, more likely, a team like Tampa Bay will want to wait for the Cardinals to have resolution on Stanton because they know the prospects they can get now but will want to see what prospects they can command if the top-tier don't go to Miami for a bat. That is very much a possibility.

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