Running back Bryce Brown: "I went over (wide receiver) Damaris Johnson's house because his girlfriend and him had some friends and family over for dinner. His girlfriend's sister cooked and it was very good. I ate macaroni and cheese, peppers stuffed with crabs and shrimp and of course turkey. We had a good time."

Defensive end Trent Cole: "I shined up my guns and went out and checked my stands because deer hunting season starts Monday. I can't wait. Then I had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends."

Punter Mat McBriar: "We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I've been here for a while and my wife (Erin) is American, so I've learned to get into it. Since I used to play for Dallas (2004-10), I was used to playing football on Thanksgiving, so it was kind of weird having the whole day off this year."

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