Pittsburgh is known for its Primanti Bros. sandwich (pastrami, melted provolone cheese, cole slaw, french fries, sliced tomatoes on Italian bread). Have you ever eaten one?

Special-teams coordinator Bobby April: "Oh, of course! I used to eat them all the time when I was coaching for the Steelers (in 1994-95). They're very good. I used to hit all of the good places in Pittsburgh. It's an interesting town, just like Philadelphia."

Center Jason Kelce: "I have had them, but it wasn't in Pittsburgh. A guy from Pittsburgh opened up a bar in Cincinnati called Martino's on Vine, and I used to eat there when I was at U.C. (University of Cincinnati). They were good, but I really liked their Pittsburgh salad, which was strip steak, french fries and ranch dressing on top of lettuce, cucumbers and all the usual salad stuff."

Running back Dion Lewis: "Yes, I went to one of their restaurants when I was playing for Pitt. I asked them to make it without cole slaw because I hate cole slaw and they looked at me funny. But it was really good."

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