Wide receiver Greg Salas: "My older brother (Eric) and I got a quad (ATV) one year. I was 7 and he was 10. We had been asking for one, but didn't think we'd get it. Our parents tricked us that year by waiting until we got to our grandparents' house to give it to us."

Guard Jake Scott: "When I was about 5 years old, I got a BB gun for Christmas. I know that sounds kind of young to get a BB gun but not when you're from Idaho. I don't remember much about it except being able to shoot it on Christmas Day. And no, I didn't shoot my eye out."

Defensive tackle Cedric Thornton: "I remember having a 'Barney' doll when I was around 2, but we never got Christmas presents when I was growing up (in Star City, Ark.) because we were less fortunate than some people. We celebrated Christmas with the gift of love. My father (Nathaniel) is a pastor and my mother (Angela) is a minister, so we focused on the true meaning of Christmas."

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