VENTNOR - None of the 19 beach patrols at the 45th John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races won more than one of the four races, but the boatsmanship of Atlantic City helped to give its team a slight edge and the team championship Friday.

Scoring its points in the three races involving boats, Atlantic City totaled 10 points to win the overall title for the first time since 1996. Margate and Wildwood Crest both scored eight points, but Margate, due to a higher finish in the doubles race, took second place on that tiebreaker.

The Atlantic City crew of Eric Grant and Brett Brestle won the combination rescue race by one second, working with swimmer Justin Rau. A.C.'s Mike Murphy and Phil Black placed second in the doubles surfboat rescue race. With the scoring at 5-4-3-2-1 for the first five places, Atlantic City added one point in the individual surfboat rescue as Mike Santangelo finished fifth.

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"What's great about the Goudys is that it showcases the rescue tactics of the beach patrols," Atlantic City Beach Patrol Chief Rod Aluise said. "We take a lot of pride in our rescue skill with the boat and the swim. We not only practice rescues, but our team today was guys with experience and a lot of rescues. We've had over 800 rescues in Atlantic City this summer, and most are with the boat."

The Goudy races are simulated rescues in which the guards row or swim out to flags 500 feet from shore, unhook 50-pound dummies attached to the flags and bring them back to a finish line on the beach.

Atlantic City dominated the early years of the Goudy Memorials and Friday was A.C.'s 20th title. Ventnor has 12 wins since then, including the previous five from 2006-2010.

Rau, 21, swam out to the flag, and that started Grant, 43, and Brestle, 21 on their row out to meet him. Rau put the dummy into the boat, and the Atlantic City team rowed in and won a footrace on the beach to beat Cape May by one second. Cape May's team in the race consisted of the crew of Terry Randolph and Jack Bosna and swimmer Tom Medvecky.

"It helps to have a great swimmer in this race and we had the best," said Grant, the bow. "Justin was second to the flag and first to the boat."

Rau added, "Somebody hit me in the leg on the way out. They must have been off-course. When I unhooked the dummy, I didn't see anyone, so I was leading at least in my end of the beach. Our transition (the delivery of the dummy to the boat) was really fast."

Stone Harbor's Darrick Kobierowski and Dennis Bakey beat A.C.'s Murphy and Black in the doubles surfboat rescue by two seconds in 3 minutes, 10 seconds. Kobierowski and Bakey have been competitive all season, but Friday's was their first win.

"We knew we had to get out as fast as possible, and Darrick put us right on (the flag and dummy)," said Bakey, 36, the stern.

Kobierowski, 37, added, "It's great to win the last one."

The Goudy Memorials is the final team lifeguard event of the South Jersey Chiefs Association season.

Wildwood Crest's John Maloy, in lane-19 at the south end of the beach, won the individual swim rescue in 5:58, five seconds ahead of Lavallette's Matt Lumanaius. It was the first Goudy win for Maloy, the South Jersey champion in the swim.

"I couldn't see anyone, so I had to concentrate on moving fast," Maloy, 22, said. "I focused on getting to the flag and that went well, but getting the bag in was tough."

Margate's Ashton Funk, won the individual surfboat rescue in 2:14, edging Brigantine's John Dattlalo by two seconds.

"It feels good to win after getting fouth in the South Jerseys (singles race last Friday)," Funk, 29, said. "I caught a nice wave on the way in and that helped me."

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1. Atlantic City 10; 2. Margate 8; 3. Wildwood Crest 8; 4. Stone Harbor 7; 5. Avalon 5; 6. Brigantine 5; 7. (tie) Cape May, Ocean City and Lavallette 4; 10. Normandy Beach 3; 11. Ventnor 1; 12. Longport 1; Upper Township, Sea Isle City, Wildwood, Island Beach State Park, Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Township and Ship Bottom did not score.


1. Stone Harbor (Darrick Kobierowski-Dennis Bakey) 3:10; 2. Atlantic City (Mike Murphy-Phil Black) 3:12; 3. Margate (Chuck Gowdy-Bob Bechtel) 3:13; 4. Avalon Craig Whitehead-Shane McGrath) 3:15; 5. Ventnor (Matt Given-Travis McElroy) 3:17.


1. John Maloy, Wildwood Crest 5:58; 2. Matt Lumanaius, Lavallette 6:03; 3. Casey Powers, Normandy Beach 6:16; 4. Brian Pauling, Ocean City 6:21; 5. Victor Giannini, Longport 6:33.


1. Atlantic City (Justin Rau, Eric Grant-Brett Brestle) 4:57; 2. Cape May (Tom Medvecky, Terry Randolph-Jack Bosna) 4:58; 3. Wildwood Crest (Steve Tarnowski, Max Bilkins-Matt Wells) 5:09; 4. Ocean City (Graham Parker, Matt Garbutt-Jeff Garbutt) 5:16; 5. Brigantine (Mike Brooks, Paul Savell-Kip Emig) 5:26.


1. Ashton Funk, Margate 2:14; 2. John Dattalo, Brigantine 2:16; 3. Erich Wolf, Avalon 2:18; 4. Zac Campbell, Stone Harbor 2:19; 5. Mike Santangelo, Atlantic City 2:21.

NOTE - Paludi is a retired Ventnor Beach Patrol chief who started the Goudy event in 1967. He was in attendance Friday. Bergman is the current Ventnor chief.

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