The Barnegat Light Beach Patrol pulled away in the second day of the 50th annual Long Beach Island Lifeguard Tournament on Saturday and won it for the third year in a row.

Barnegat Light won five of Saturday's nine races, including the last three, and finished with 104 points to win it. Surf City, which trailed Barnegat Light 43-41 after Friday, was second with 87 points. Harvey Cedars placed third with 74 points Ship Bottom was fourth with 71.

Barnegat Light continued its dominance of the swims. Caren Guyett won the LBI Tournament's 1,000-foot women's swim for the fourth year in a row.

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Teammate Zach Kohl took the LBI 1,000-foot men's swim for the third consecutive year.

Barnegat Light's Brady Stauffer, Mike Smith and Ben Scheipe won the surf dash, the final race. Also for the winning patrol, Nate Humberston won the 1,500-foot paddle race, and Don Adams Jr. and Kati Lyons took the mixed doubles race.

Surf City's Dave Bonanni and Mark Dileo won the 1,000-foot doubles row, and Surf City also captured the line race. Randy Townsend and Will Sweeney of Harvey Cedars were first in the paddle rescue for the second straight year, and teammate Todd Barbuto won the singles row.

Saturday's results

1,000-foot doubles row-1. Surf City (Dave Bonanni-Mark Dileo); 2. Barnegat (Don Adams Jr.-T.J. Petronzio); 3. Harvey Cedars (Otto Weiler-Mike Weiler Sr.).

Men's 1,000-foot swim-1. Zach Kohl, Barnegat Light; 2. Kevin Welsh, Ship Bottom; 3. Harrison Hahn, Surf City.

Women's 1,000-foot swim-1. Caren Guyett, Barnegat Light; 2. Tracey Hemmerle, Ship Bottom; 3. Ashley Morris, Surf City.

Paddle rescue - 1. Harvey Cedars (Randy Townsend, Will Sweeney); 2. Surf City (Paul Dungee, John Holloway); 3. Ship Bottom (Mike Skolnick, Tim Raimo).

Line race-1. Surf City (Andrew Garner, swimmer, Kyle Gronostajski, Jake Weinberg, rope pullers); 2. Barnegat Light (Greg Macchia, swimmer, Nate Castiello, Tom Elwood, rope pullers); 3. Harvey Cedars (Mike Waterhouse, swimmer, John Keegan, Chris Keegan, rope pullers).

Singles row-1. Todd Barbuto, Harvey Cedars; 2. Matt Opremcak, Barnegat Light; 3. Evan Garner, Surf City.

Mixed doubles row-1. Barnegat Light (Don Adams Jr.-Kati Lyons); 2. Harvey Cedars (Mike Weiler Sr.-Sarah Pfeifer); 3. Surf City (Nick Labita-Jenn Welc).

1,500-foot paddle race-1. Nate Humberston, Barnegat Light; 2. Jonny Skolnick, Ship Bottom; 3. Randy Townsend, Harvey Cedars.

Surf dash relay-1. Barnegat Light (Brady Stauffer, Mike Smith, Ben Scheipe); 2. Surf City (J.D. Flanagan, Derek Colaizzo, Jeff Hahn); 3. Harvey Cedars (Charlie Patafi, Matt Tower, Bill Webster).

Friday's results

Mile row-1. Surf City (Dave Bonanni-Mark Dileo); 2. Barnegat Light (Nat Castiello-Brady Stauffer); 3. Harvey Cedars (Otto Weiler-Mike Weiler Jr.).

Women's paddle race-1. Caren Guyett; 2. Colleen Bott, Ship Bottom; 3. Sarah Dodds, Harvey Cedars.

Buoy rescue-1. Barnegat Light (Zach Kohl, Greg Macchia); 2. Surf City (Andre Garner-J.D. Flanagan); 3. Harvey Cedars (Mike Waterhouse, Charlie Patafi).

Paddle relay-1. Ship Bottom (Jonny Skolnick, Mike Skolnick, Tim Raimo, Sam Candio); 2. Surf City; 3. Harvey Cedars.

Women's row-1. Surf City (Jenn Welc-Brittany Histing); 2. Barnegat Light (Kati Lyons-Anna Panachek); 3. Harvey Cedars (Sarah Pfeifer-Molly Josephson)

Surfboat rescue-1. Barnegat Light (Matt Opremcak, J.B. Peterman); 2. Surf City (Harrison Hahn, Evan Garner); 3. Ship Bottom (Kevin Welsh, Dennis Harrington).

Iron man race-1. Bill Webster, Harvey Cedars; 2. Nate Humberston, Barnegat Light; 3. Jeff Hahn, Surf City.

Times not available.

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