Cape-Atlantic League

American Conference


Coach: Shawn Scannell 2013 record: 8-13

Players to watch: The Braves are returning six of their seven starters from last year. Ben Tiger will move into the first singles slot. He was second last season. The first doubles will be Andrew Gabbers and Patrick Dinh.

Coach's comment: "We are looking to build off of what we did last year and take a step in the right direction. We hope to get into the CAL and South Jersey tournaments."

Atlantic City

Coach: Joe Scalfaro

2013 record: 9-7

Players to watch: Only two players are returning for the Vikings this year: sophomore Damion Lichon, who will play first singles and senior Kyle Fader, who will play second singles.

Coach's comment: "We are definitely rebuilding. The rest of my lineup is new players. We are looking to start from the ground up."

Egg Harbor Township

Coach: Alene Hartman

2013 record: 3-13

Players to watch: Nolan Pagay enters his fourth year in the first singles position. Sophomore Johnny Vu moved up from third to second singles. Senior Andrew Pham will play doubles.

Coach's comment: "Last year was definitely a rebuilding year, we had three freshman playing varsity. Those freshman are returning with a year under their belt; plus, with the experience of Nolan, I am very optimistic about this year."


Coach: Casey McCullough

2013 record: 17-6

Players to watch: Senior Pete Lancetta returns to first singles for his fourth season with the Blue Devils. The returning first-team Press All-Star has a career record of 72-18. Lancetta has also advanced to the semifinals and finals of the CAL tournament during the past two years. Senior Michael Seligman is 21-6 overall in tournaments. Stevie Salvatore, a first-team Press All-Star last season, will play first doubles.

Coach's comment: "This should be a strong season. Most of my players are returning from last year. We should be one of the top teams in South Jersey again this year."

Lower Cape May Regional

Coach: Greg Douglas

2013 record: 14-6

Players to watch: Jeff Smith will be in the first singles position, while Alec Levin will be second and Robby McClernan will be third. Tim Stanbach and Justin Rife will play first doubles while Bob Lubberman and Brandon Fox will play second.

Coach's comment: "We will definitely be competitive in singles since everyone is returning. We will probably be a better team later in the season since all the doubles players are coming from JV and need to gain some more experience."

Mainland Regional

Coach: Chris Connolly

2013 record: 16-4

Players to watch: Ethan Fischer returns to first singles for his fourth season while doubles player Josh Margolis was a first-team Press All-Star last year. Ryan Pangilinan returns to play second singles, while promising newcomer Harrison Freon will play third singles.

Coach's comment: "This season I think we have a shot to be competitive and fight for the Group III conference title. It would be a successful season if we could win a couple rounds in the playoffs."


Coach: Tom DeCou

2013 record: 3-18

Players to watch: First singles player junior Javaris Martin, who had a solid sophomore year, should improve this year. Senior Alex Rusted moved up from third to second singles this year.

Coach's comment: "We have a lot of young players that got some varsity experience last year. I expect to see some improvement and get some more wins than last year."


Coach: Anthony Ponzetti

2013 record: 3-22

Players to watch: Seniors Jordan Villamor and Kevin Kletches return to singles while sophomore Kartik Garg will be in the mix as well.

Coach's comment: "We're looking to grow really quickly. I'm confident that they're gonna work hard and do the best they can. By the end of the season, I'm confident we will look like a much different team than we are now."

Ocean City

Coach: George McNally

2013 record: 9-8

Players to watch: Returning juniors Lucas Baker and Daniel Loggi will probably be playing singles for the Red Raiders.

Coach's comment: "We've got a ton of kids, and I like the way we look. They're good kids, and hopefully it stops snowing so we can get out and practice!"


Coach: Harry Silverstein

2013 record: 24-3

Players to watch: Andrew Massaro will play first singles and Drew Patel will be play third.

Coach's comment: "We should challenge for the conference title."

National Conference


Coach: Romaine Street

2013 record: 2-18

Players to watch: The more-experienced Bulldogs will look to improve this year. The top three singles players are senior lefty Joshua Caseras and juniors Edwin Lesama and Azel Ruiz. The top doubles players will be seniors Michael Hernandez and Juan Perez as well as sophomore Daniel Arista.

Coach's comment: "It's going to be an interesting year. We're going to be competitive. All of the guys we have, including the newer guys, have worked all season long in playing other sports to stay in shape. They're pretty fit to go as far as conditioning wise."

Middle Township

Coach: Matthew Gilbert

2013 record: 23-2

Players to watch: Three-year starter senior Alijah Broadnax returns to play first singles. Senior Dini Ukella, a first-team Press All-Star last season, gets bumped up from first doubles to second singles while promising newcomer Elliott Dingler and Tanner Kerr, a returning Press All-Star, compete for the third slot.

Coach's comment: "We are looking to compete well. We are trying to be one of the top teams in the CAL and in South Jersey."

Cedar Creek

Coach: John Gazo

2013 record: 4-14

Players to watch: Sophomore Brandon Goodman will play first singles while Hari Desai plays second singles.

Coach's comment: "I have key returning players this year. Hopefully, we will improve on our record and be more competitive."

St. Augustine Prep

Coach: Sam Miles

2013 record: 15-8

Players to watch: Two-time, first-team Press All-Star Louis Abenante returns to play first singles while senior Sean McBride plays second. Juniors Matt DiMarco and Haddon Antonucci and sophomore Steve Sontag will compete for the third singles spot.

Coach's comment: "There will be three teams involved: Mainland Regional, Vineland and St. Augustine Prep. Mainland has the power team this year. We will be up there like every year."

Wildwood Catholic

Coach: Joe Kubiak

2013 record: 2-14

Players to watch: Rich Martin, Thomas DePaul and team captain Joe Jett return for the Crusaders. Promising freshman Jordan Burhanna will play singles in his first year.

Coach's comment: "We hope to improve from last year's record. We're the smallest school in the league. I have 10 players out and they enjoy playing. We will look to improve next year."

Shore Conference

Lacey Township

Coach: Charlie Rieder

2013 record: 12-8

Players to watch: After graduating six starters, Lacey has a lot of first-year seniors who are athletes but inexperienced. Junior Andy Lopez and senior Mark Prowse will compete for first and second singles. Senior Kyle Mitchell will be third. Seniors Anthony Palino, Anthony Talarico, T.J. Phillips and Jacob Hastick will compete for doubles spots.

Coach's comment: "We're very raw and very inexperienced this year. That aside, we're hoping to be competitive."

Southern Regional

Coach: Evan Brosniak

2013 record: 13-10

Players to watch: Brandon Gildea returns to first singles with Max Oehlmann at second and Shjon Houser at third. First doubles will be Jason LaVoie and Richie Zennario while Mark Soloman plays second doubles with an undetermined partner. Kevin Stewart, Luke Miller, Andrew Davis, Gabe Matos, Andres Escobar and Jacob Yates are all in the running for the second doubles slot.

Coach's comment: "We finished on a good note last year and we did very well in the Ocean County Tournament. We have positive aspirations, and we think if the guys practice hard and do what their supposed to do, we should be in good hands this year. The kids seem very positive and want to use last year's experiences to their benefit this year. We feel like we're going to be extremely competitive this year."


Coach: Kevin Karp

2013 record: 9-11

Players to watch: Junior Nick Prestera is going into his third season of singles while sophomore John Purdon begins his second season as a singles player.

Coach's comment: "We have a competitive young team; only one senior will be on varsity this season. We will be in the mix for a B-South Title this season"

Tri-County Conference

Cumberland Regional

Coach: Jim Breech

2013 record: 15-3

Players to watch: Sophomore Jeff Taylor will play first singles after getting varsity time last year. Sophomore Vinay Patel will play second singles. Junior Andrew McDonald and sophomore Zachary Hughes will play first doubles.

Coach's comment: "We're young and don't have a lot of experience, but with youth comes a lot of enthusiasm, and they listen well. If they continue to listen and put the practice in, they should be OK."


Coach: Kerry Hall

2013 record: 9-10

Players to watch: Senior Angel Colon, junior Ben Erickson and sophomore Alex Bruno are returning for the Warriors.

Coach's comment: "This is definitely a rebuilding year. The hope is to develop some younger players for the future, especially Alex, who has a lot of potential."

R.J. Kern and Kate Drake

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