VENTNOR - The Brigantine Beach Patrol accomplished something Friday that it hasn't done since 1976 - win the team title of the John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races.

Brigantine didn't take first place in any of the four races, but had two second places, a fourth and a fifth to win with 11 points. Scoring was 5-4-3-2-1 for the first five places.

The 47th annual Goudy Memorials is an event where each race is a simulated rescue. The lifeguards row or swim out to flags 500 feet from shore and bring back 50-pound dummies attached to the flags to the finish line on the beach.

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Kip Emig, 47, Brigantine's acting patrol chief, finished fifth with veteran Paul Savell, 45, in the doubles surfboat rescue. Swimmer Shane McKenzie, a Brigantine rookie, took second in the Dr. Earl Kanter individual swim rescue.

Brigantine's crew of Ron DeFelice and Justin Bewley and swimmer Mike Brooks were second in the combination rescue. Singles rower Sven Peltonen placed fourth in the individual surfboat rescue for the clinching points.

"It's really great to win it, really special," Emig said. "We sat down a few days ago and had a meeting about what would be the best use of our abilities in the Goudys. ... Michael and Ron guard together, so we thought that would work well."

McKenzie, who won the South Jersey Championship in the swim last week in Margate, was 10 seconds behind swim winner Brian Barr of Lavallette. Peltonen was 10 seconds behind winner David Funk of Ventnor in the individual swim rescue.

"Having Shane McKenzie has really energized our patrol," Emig said. "We know he's going to get points. Sven can do everything: swim, paddleboard and row. He's one of the best watermen anywhere."

The individual surfboat rescue turned out to be a duel between the Funk brothers, David of Ventnor and Ashton of Margate. They were about even as they got to the shore, but David got the dummy out of the boat a bit faster and won by one second in 3 minutes, 45 seconds.

"After the turn, I looked over and I saw that it was just my brother and I," David Funk, 35, said. "I wouldn't have it be any other way. A head-to-head race with him is rewarding. I think I've lost about as many as I've won against him."

Ventnor's Joe Callahan and Shawn Slattery edged Longport's Mike McGrath and Tim Schwegman by 0.5 seconds in the individual surfboat rescue. Ocean City's crew of Dylan Kosten, Matt Garbutt and swimmer Brian Rahter took the combination rescue.

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Team scoring

1. Brigantine 11; 2. Ventnor 10; 3. Ocean City 10 (Ventnor took second place with a higher finish in the doubles surfboat rescue, the South Jersey Lifeguard Chiefs Association tiebreaker); 4. Lavallette 8; 5. Margate 7.

Doubles surfboat rescue

1. Ventnor (Joe Callahan-Shawn Slattery) 2:54; 2. Longport (Mike McGrath-Tim Schwegman) 2:54.5; 3. Margate (Chuck Gowdy-Bob Bechtel) 2:56; 4. Atlantic City (Vince Granese-Phil Black) 2:57; 5. Brigantine (Kip Emig-Paul Savell) 2:58.

Dr. Earl Kanter individual swim rescue

1. Brian Barr, Lavallette 5:00; 2. Shane McKenzie, Brigantine 5:10; 3. Chris Hemmerle, Harvey Cedars 5:12; 4. Mike Kell, Ocean City 5:15; 5. Derek Colaizzo, Ship Bottom 5:20.

Combination rescue

1. Ocean City (Dylan Kosten-Matt Garbutt, Brian Rahter) 4:31; 2. Brigantine (Ron DeFelice-Justin Bewley, Mike Brooks) 4:35; 3. Lavallette (Jack Caucino-Joe Caucino, Matt Luminais) 4:40; 4. Upper Township (Dan Palombo-Jon O'Neil, Kevin Gill) 4:42; 5. Harvey Cedars (Kevin Wessler-Alex Martinelli, Zack Schwartz) 4:45.

Individual surfboat rescue

1. David Funk, Ventnor 3:45; 2. Ashton Funk, Margate 3:46; 3. Kevin Perry, Ocean City 3:48; 4. Sven Peltonen, Brigantine 3:55; 5. Mike Santangelo, Atlantic City 3:57.


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