The Holy Spirit and Oakcrest high school girls crew teams each had three winners at the third Manny Flick/Horvat Series regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia on Sunday.

No area varsity eights were winners. The St. Augustine Prep boys varsity eight took third in its flight. The Holy Spirit, Absegami and Atlantic City girls varsity eights were each in different flights, and finished third, fourth and second, respectively.

The Holy Spirit girls lightweight eight easily won a three-boat, 1,500-meter race in 6 minutes, 4.87 seconds. The Spartans' crew was Cailin McCully, Shannon La Sala, Katie Bainbridge, Tori Light, Caroline Bradley, Nicole Maslowas, Sofia Iaconelli, Danielle Peck and coxswain Kiersten Stone.

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Holy Spirit's other winning crews were the girls freshman eight and junior eight.

The Mainland Regional girls varsity four crew of Kennedy Stafford, Morgan Rann, Amanda Ryan, Stacey Price and coxswain Morgan Gerety won flight 2 of its division in 6:45.04, the fastest time of three flights.

The Mustangs' girls lightweight four also rowed in the varsity four division and won flight 3 in 6:53.51. The crew was Yvonne Olson, Danielle Kiejdan, Jeana Fitzpatrick, Pam Bacharach and coxswain Rachel Kelley.

The Oakcrest girls lightweight four crew of Connie Capone, Nicole Littlefield, Morgan Osborn, Danielle LaPergola and coxswain Rebecca Adamo took flight 2 of its division in 6:43.61, the fastest time in the category. The Falcons' girls novice eight and junior eight were also winners.

The Abegami girls second eight of Sam Irvin, Brittany Aponte, Angelica Mullins, Adrienne Pedersen, Kylie Bakley, Taylor Murphy, Megan Razukas, Sonia Rubillo and coxswain Tina Murphy won the only race of its division.

The Vineland junior four won in 6:36.59, the fastest of four flights in its division.

The Mainland boys junior eight took flight 1 in its category.


Teams-Absegami, Atlantic City, Cedar Creek, Holy Spirit, Mainland Regional, Oakcrest, St. Augustine Prep, Vineland.


Boys novice four (flight 1)-1. Harriton A 6:38.35; 3. OAK 7:06.03.

Boys novice four (flight 3)-1. Philadelphia City Rowing 6:50.38; 2. MAIN 6:57.15.

Boys novice eight (flight 1)-1. La Salle A 5:55.21; 2. SA B 6:00.43; SA A 6:31.88.

Boys novice eight (flight 2)-1. CBA 6:08.47; 4. MAIN 7:14.62.

Boys freshman eight (flight 1)-1. St. Joseph's Prep 5:44.51; 2. SA A 5:48.46.

Boys freshman eight (flight 2)-1. CBA 6:05.09; 2. MAIN 6:06.55; 6. SA B 7:16.05.

Boys junior four (flight 4)-1. St. Peters Prep 5:52.53; 2. OAK 5:57.51.

Boys junior eight (flight 1)-1. MAIN (Jesse Troiano, Martin Brenner, Gavin Friehofer, Doug Davis, Patrick Green, Chris Castellano, Vince Carraccio, Mark Hewitt, coxswain John Ellerman) 5:18.60.

Boys junior eight (flight 2)-1. St. Joseph's Prep A 5:14.96; 3. SA A5:24.02; 5. ABS 5:59.73.

Boys junior eight (flight 3)-1. Montclair 5:01.02; 4. SA B 5:48.88.

Boys junior eight (flight 4)-1. Moorestown 5:25.19; 4. AC 6:22.03; 5. CC 7:16.53.

Boys lightweight eight (flight 1)-1. St. Joseph's Prep 5:10.01; 3. SA 5:28.48.

Boys lightweight eight (flight 2)-1. Radnor 5:25.80; 2. OAK 5:46.26; 4. MAIN 6:05.44.

Boys second eight-1. La Salle 5:26.02; 2. SA 5:29.47; 4. ABS 5:54.35.

Boys varsity four (flight 1)-1. Father Judge 5:51.46; 6. MAIN 7:40.88.

Boys varsity four (flight 2)-1. DeMatha A 6:15.20; CC did not finish.

Boys varsity eight (flight 1)-1. St. Joseph's Prep 5:12.29; 3. SA 5:19.10; 5. ABS 5:22.32.

Boys varsity eight (flight 2)-1. Episcopal Academy 5:23.31; 4. AC 5:42.01.

Girls novice four (flight 1)-1. Bonner/Predergast 8:27.80; 3. VIN 9:09.74.

Girls novice four (flight 2)-1. Springside Chestnut Hill 8:36.54; 4. CC 11:54.35.

Girls novice four (flight 3)-1. Shipley 8:29.54; 2. ABS 8:53.37.

Girls novice eight (flight 3)-1. OAK (Vanessa Simon, Jazlyn Quish, Ashley Ellsworth, Maren Ross, Shannon Russell, Melissa Cruz Lino, Kaitlyn Bradley, Gabby Corso, coxswain Karlee Carrigan) 7:35.05; 3. MAIN 7:52.11; 4. AC 8:23.22.

Girls freshman quad (flight 1)-1. Montclair 7:31.31; 4. HS 8:56.36.

Girls freshman eight (flight 1)-1. Mount Saint Joseph 6:17.51; 2. ABS 6:41.05; 5. AC 7:09.32.

Girls freshman eight (flight 2)-1. HS (Kylie Magee, Erin Welsh, Kalli Reganato, Richie Atkinson, Sara Miller, Nicole Wenzel, Olivia Torres, Tarryn Slattery, coxswain Nicole Mayer) 6:03.90.

Girls junior four (flight 1)-1. Vineland (Aubrie Lincks, Aria Asselta, Laura Bylone, Mollie Fisher, coxswain Ana Mejia) 6:36.59.

Girls junior four (flight 2)-1. Philadelphia City Rowing 7:14.29; 2. ABS 7:31.50.

Girls junior four (flight 3)-1. Montclair A 7:16.13; 5. HS 7:45.61.

Girls junior quad (flight 2)-1. Ridgewood 6:45.78; 2. HS 7:03.98.

Girls junior eight (flight 1)-1. HS (Danielle LaRotonda, Brianna Stone, Olivia Valiante, Kelly McDevitt, Madeline Oleksiak, Caitlin McGettigan, Kristi Spicer, Catie Vesper, coxswain Brittany Chiari) 6:19.99; 2. AC 6:31.27.

Girls junior eight (flight 2)-1. OAK (Jessica Lindsay, Brianna Knight, Michaela Allen, Victoria Thies, Alonna Bennett, Taylor Phy, Emily Cameron, Meghan Guerrieri, coxswain Lindsey Prychka) 6:05.26; 2. MAIN 6:24.28.

Girls lightweight four (flight 1)-1. Agnes Irwin 7:15.69; 2. VIN 7:20.15.

Girls lightweight four (flight 2)-1. Oakcrest (Connie Capone, Nicole Littlefield, Morgan Osborn, Danielle LaPergola, coxswain Rebecca Adamo) 6:43.61).

Girls lightweight quad-1. Conestoga 6:43.23; 2. HS 7:03.83.

Girls lightweight eight-1. HS (Cailin McCully, Shannon La Sala, Katie Bainbridge, Tori Light, Caroline Bradley, Nicole Maslowas, Sofia Iaconelli, Danielle Peck, coxswain Kiersten Stone) 6:04.87.

Girls second eight-1. ABS (Sam Irvin, Brittany Aponte, Angelica Mullins, Adrienne Pedersen, Kylie Bakley, Taylor Murphy, Megan Razukas, Sonia Rubillo, coxswain Tina Murphy) 6:17.35; 2. HS 6:21.21; 3. AC 6:35.69.

Girls varsity double (flight 2)-1. Ridgewood 7:21.02; 3. HS 8:06.88.

Girls varsity four (flight 2)-1. MAIN A (Kennedy Stafford, Morgan Rann, Amanda Ryan, Stacey Price, coxswain Morgan Gerety) 6:45.04; 2. CC 7:03.66.

Girls varsity four (flight 3)-1. MAIN B (Yvonne Olson, Danielle Kiejdan, Jeana Fitzpatrick, Pam Bacharach, coxswain Rachel Kelley) 6:53.51; 2. OAK 7:06.75; 5. VIN 7:56.66.

Girls varsity eight (flight 1)-1. Mount Saint Joseph 5:56.40; 4. ABS 6:14.58.

Girls varsity eight (flight 2)-1. Archbishop Carroll 6:15.95; 2. AC 6:24.65.

Girls varsity eight (flight 3)-1. Walt Whitman B 5:59.99; 3. HS 6:13.87.

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