"Lots of fish catching!" That's what Noel Feliciano likes to say when fishing is good in Atlantic City.

And apparently, even in the rain.

John Pittman, of Atlantic City, who helps Feliciano at One-Stop Bait and Tackle in A.C., caught eight kingfish and a flounder in a half-hour and got wet in the rain today before packing it in.

Kingfish are mixed with sea perch and tons of spot plus flounder. Feliciano said to use bloodworm for kingfish, sea perch and spot, and squid, spearing and spot for flounder. He said to fish from the A.C. Boardwalk at Pacific Avenue.

He said striped bass are showing up at night again.

Feliciano said that in addition to spot and sea perch, there are "tons" of 8- to 9-inch mullet. He said he fileted up half a bucketful of mullet and cooked them up. He said they were "very, very" tasty.

Laz Santella of Sea Isle City also went fishing in the rain "on a hunch" this morning in Townsends Inlet. His hunch paid off with a steady 1 1/2-hour bite of kingfish in the north channel.

Looks like shore-based fishing might be the ticket this weekend.