David Weinberg's weekly NFL team rankings

Wide receiver A.J. Green and the Cincinnati Bengals are on the move. The Bengals climbed from 17th to 12th in this week’s rankings.

Staff Writer David Weinberg's weekly ranking of NFL teams (last week's rankings in parentheses):

Biggest rise: Washington (24th to 18th)

Biggest fall: Pittsburgh (15th to 10th)

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1. Houston (1)-Lucky break helped against Lions.

2. Green Bay (2)-Defensive injuries could lead to loss.

3. New England (4)-Dominated the Jets on the road.

4. Denver (3)-Broncos keep rolling.

5. Baltimore (5)-Defense carried them past Steelers.

6. Atlanta (7)-Ryan's five interceptions didn't hurt them.

7. San Francisco (8)-Colin Kaepernick to the rescue.

8. Tampa Bay (11)-Buccaneers 5-1 in last six.

9. New Orleans (12)-Saints 5-1 in last six.

10. Pittsburgh (5)-Charlie Batch is next.

11. Chicago (8)-Jason Campbell couldn't get it done.

12. Cincinnati (17)-A.J. Green is a beast.

13. Indianapolis (10)-Playoff berth would be major.

14. Seattle (13)-Still not out of division race.

15. Minnesota (14)-Could upset the Bears.

16. New York Giants (15)-About time for Giants to get hot.

17. Tennessee (16)-Titans playing better.

18. Washington (24)-RGIII could be MVP.

19. Buffalo (20)-Bills not ready to fold yet.

20. Dallas (18)-Embarrassing loss on Thanksgiving.

21. Detroit (19)-Haven't won on Thanksgiving since 2003.

22. Miami (21)-Honeymoon may be over.

23. San Diego (22)-Chargers are done.

24. Philadelphia (23)-See ya, Andy Reid.

25. St. Louis (25)-Rams are still a year away.

26. Carolina (27)-Nearly upset Tampa.

27. New York Jets (26)-How do you give up 35 points in a quarter?

28. Cleveland (28)-Browns have been close a lot.

29. Arizona (29)-Quarterback is a problem.

30. Oakland (30)-Couldn't stop Drew Brees.

31. Jacksonville (32)-Strong effort vs. Houston merits promotion.

32. Kansas City (31)-Back in the basement.

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