Staff Writer David Weinberg's weekly ranking of NFL teams (last week's rankings in parentheses):

Biggest rise: Washington (24th to 18th)

Biggest fall: Pittsburgh (15th to 10th)

1. Houston (1)-Lucky break helped against Lions.

2. Green Bay (2)-Defensive injuries could lead to loss.

3. New England (4)-Dominated the Jets on the road.

4. Denver (3)-Broncos keep rolling.

5. Baltimore (5)-Defense carried them past Steelers.

6. Atlanta (7)-Ryan's five interceptions didn't hurt them.

7. San Francisco (8)-Colin Kaepernick to the rescue.

8. Tampa Bay (11)-Buccaneers 5-1 in last six.

9. New Orleans (12)-Saints 5-1 in last six.

10. Pittsburgh (5)-Charlie Batch is next.

11. Chicago (8)-Jason Campbell couldn't get it done.

12. Cincinnati (17)-A.J. Green is a beast.

13. Indianapolis (10)-Playoff berth would be major.

14. Seattle (13)-Still not out of division race.

15. Minnesota (14)-Could upset the Bears.

16. New York Giants (15)-About time for Giants to get hot.

17. Tennessee (16)-Titans playing better.

18. Washington (24)-RGIII could be MVP.

19. Buffalo (20)-Bills not ready to fold yet.

20. Dallas (18)-Embarrassing loss on Thanksgiving.

21. Detroit (19)-Haven't won on Thanksgiving since 2003.

22. Miami (21)-Honeymoon may be over.

23. San Diego (22)-Chargers are done.

24. Philadelphia (23)-See ya, Andy Reid.

25. St. Louis (25)-Rams are still a year away.

26. Carolina (27)-Nearly upset Tampa.

27. New York Jets (26)-How do you give up 35 points in a quarter?

28. Cleveland (28)-Browns have been close a lot.

29. Arizona (29)-Quarterback is a problem.

30. Oakland (30)-Couldn't stop Drew Brees.

31. Jacksonville (32)-Strong effort vs. Houston merits promotion.

32. Kansas City (31)-Back in the basement.

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